Yesterday evening around 6:30, Alex and I met up at a shopping center that’s halfway for us. It has a lot of things to do, but we didn’t do much. We met in the bookstore, and we browsed a little, but didn’t buy anything. We walked around the whole center, getting a little wet from rain, but for the most part the weather was good – perhaps a little windy, though. The wind definitely gave my hair the “windswept look,” so much so that often it was in my face.

We walked to the theater, but Alex didn’t want to see anything. It was probably a good idea, though I’m still itching to see Bridesmaids (I don’t want to go alone – I’ve done that before, and I just feel weird), and I’m sort of interested in Super 8. We ended up at Paradise Bakery, and we had something to drink and – more importantly – cookies. Those are really good cookies.

Alex and I attempted to find something else to do, and did a little driving around. It was just nice to be with him, since I don’t know if I’ll see him again this week before Sunday’s festivities for Thom’s birthday. If I do, it will probably be a similar mini-date like last night. I pointed out to him last night as we were saying goodbye that it was like we were starting over, as if we had just met and we wanted to do small dates just to get to know each other all over again. And yet, we’ve been dating for over three years, and we weren’t doing too much talking as we were walking around – just holding hands, enjoying our time together.

I came home and Mom and I were going to watch Bottle Shock, but the DVD we got from Netflix was badly scratched and we couldn’t watch it without stops and skips. We watched a few episodes of True Blood instead, and I tried to work on my sock, but somehow I really messed up the heel flap and turning the heel, and though I tried to go back and fix it, I ended up just unraveling the whole thing. I was mad. You would think that having done a pattern all the way through before wouldn’t be such a problem the second time around.

I woke up earlier today, and I’ve already done some job searching that left me with no good results. Bummer. I’ve got to do some working out and cleaning and reading to do today, too. I think I might finally attempt to get my real bedroom in order; I’ve been sleeping in the guest bedroom because the bed is bigger, but since my grandparents are coming this weekend, I’ll be kicked out.

So many things to do, so much time – so little motivation.