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My classes are over.

Next week is all finals and shifts at work.

Next week is packing, the tearing down of the room I have so nicely made for myself.

Next week is the realization that some things in my life are going to be different in a week, a month, a year.

I am joyous, and I am scared.

I am packing my books into a box, and April is ending.

So I just want to leave April with this poem, like April began. My Aunt Jo introduced me to this poem some number of years ago, but can’t really remember when. It’s just there, and it’s a poem that comes into my mind at times, and I smile. It is beautiful, and not many people I know have heard it. Sort of a secret.

Well, not anymore.

Mark Strand

– for Charles Simic

Always so late in the day
in their rumpled clothes, sitting
around a table lit by a single bulb,
the great forgetters were hard at work.
They tilted their heads to one side, closing their eyes.
Then a house disappeared, and a man in his yard with all his flowers in a row.
The moon was next to go.
The great forgetters wrinkled their brows.
Then Florida went and San Francisco
where tugs and barges leave
small gleaming scars across the Bay.
One of the great forgetters struck a match.
Gone were the harps of beaded lights
that vault the rivers of New York.
Another filled his glass
and that was it for crowds at evening
under sulfur-yellow streetlamps coming on.
And afterwards Bulgaria was gone, and then Japan.
‘Where will it end?’ one of them said.
‘Such difficult work, pursuing the fate
of everything known,’ said another.
‘Yes,’ said a third, ‘down to the last stone,
and only the cold zero of perfection
left for the imagination.’
The great forgetters slouched in their chairs.
Suddenly Asia was gone, and the evening star
and the common sorrows of the sun.
One of them yawned. Another coughed.
The last one gazed at the window:
not a cloud, not a tree,
the blaze of promise everywhere.


I’ve been swamped again, but I’m optimistic. This is the last week of classes, and then next week is finals. I’ll be moving out on Friday, and then I’ll have about a week at home. Yes!

Anyway, just a few things.

My EDPSY paper turned out well. I got it to about nine and a half pages, surprisingly. I just hope my professor thinks it’s good.

Been knitting the Companion Cube. I fixed it, and it’s starting to look good. It is time-consuming, though, and makes my hands hurt.

I received my student teaching assignment for next spring – Yes! As long as nothing messes it up, it’ll be perfect. It was my first choice, and I won’t have to worry about subleasing.

This past weekend, I didn’t have to work. We went out for Tanner’s birthday on Friday, but things didn’t go so well. Alex, Scott, and I ended up at the Fickle Peach, and it’s quite a nice place.

On Saturday, Alex and I went down to the Artist Within. Alex and I painted piggy banks. We’ll get them back this upcoming Saturday, and we’re both excited to see how they turned out. Later, we watched The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. They were both good, funny movies, but I loved The Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was so cute, and I loved the animation style. It was a lot like the rest of Wes Anderson’s films, but I think it would have been good even without his name attached to it.

I’ve been driving a little bit, but not much lately. I can’t wait to get that license, though.

Anyway, that’s all the exciting and lovely things for now. I’m working on one last English paper and a unit plan for Friday, a portfolio assignment for Tuesday, and a young adult literature project for Wednesday. It sucks, and I can’t wait for it to be over!

Boyfriend is recuperating from his sinus cold. He was feeling terrible yesterday, but made a vast improvement today.

Things are going well, and I hope it continues through this week. I have advanced to five and a half pages on my EDPSY paper, and even though I wanted to work on it today, I haven’t really found the concentration. It’ll be nice if I can finish my paper tomorrow. So much is going on!

I started working on the Companion Cube for the boyfriend. I’m a bit skeptical as to how it will turn out, since the yarn not only sticks well together, but it’s so thin and easily breakable. I hope it works. I just can’t wait to see how it will look when its finished.

I received a letter today that told me about an important family situation. I guess I shouldn’t be so worried now, since the situation has happened before, but the letter was a bit of a cliffhanger. I don’t want to disclose it now, because I don’t know how things will turn out. I’m just worried, that’s all.

I called my dad and ended up talking to my ten-year-old brother, David. He’s getting straight A’s and playing basketball. I’m so proud of him. My dad was busy, but he called me back. It was a short conversation, since it had been a long day. However, I got an invitation to join the family on a trip to Washington D.C. this summer! They’re planning on doing it during the time between my summer work/school schedule and when I have to go back for the Fall Semester. I’m excited! It’s been ten years since I went to Washington D.C., and I think I’ll enjoy it even more this time.

That’s all for now. Ruu’s hanging out in my room, and I’m going to knit some more, I think…

After my night class on Wednesday, Boyfriend took me to the store. I got a jar of Nutella, and was very, very happy.

Thursday, I got a surprise visit from my friend Kile. Kile is in the Air Force and recently spent some time overseas. I went to high school with him, and the last time I saw him was at his wedding last May. He was back in town, and so he came up, and it was cool. We went to the Heorot with Leigh and Nick, and I bought Kile a belated birthday drink.

Yesterday I finished my red shawl in-between classes. It has now become my hipster scarf. Love it!

Also, yesterday, I was in a mediocre mood after my last class. Boyfriend and I went to go look at toys and cats, and then had frozen custard. Then, I came back to my room and tried to write my EDPSY paper. I passed out after about a page.

I worked this morning. Didn’t do much, but I am now up to two pages on my stupid paper, and I wish it would go away. In fact, I’d like it if all my papers went away for the time being, but no such luck.

My friends Chris and Rachel, with their little daughter Emma, are visiting in Muncie for the day. I didn’t get to see much of them, but I met up with them after my work and hung out with them while eating lunch. I haven’t seen them for about a year, too; since they’re a couple hours away. Emma’s getting so big, too! So exciting! I love seeing people I haven’t seen in a while.

Now I need to finish cleaning my room so I can go see my boy and visit with more people…

I’ve been crocheting a little lately. I’m getting better. I  made two headbands, one I really like. I’m wearing it today. I’m also wearing shorts! That’s exciting. It’s not only warm enough (84 degrees) but also, I didn’t have to work, so that means I didn’t have to wear jeans, or closed-toe shoes. Today is awesome.

Well, except that I spilled nail polish on my sheets. I’m a dumbass, and I swore and screamed like a sailor. They were really nice sheets. It’s enough to ruin them, but at least its only the bottom sheet, and I was almost done with them anyway. I don’t need twin extra-long sheets at the apartment next year. Still, it’s too bad. They were nice and soft.

The good news, however, is that I’ve found a simple dress that I might be able to make out of my old sheets, so I won’t just be throwing them out! I’m excited, but I wish I had a sewing machine. I’d love to sew right now, even though it would distract me from my papers (GAH!).

Speaking of things I’ve been wanting, besides a sewing machine, I’d really like a bookcase. I talked to Alex, and he might build me one over the summer. We’ll see. I just need something big and sturdy to get all those books off my floor. I’ve also been craving food, namely Nutella and root beer floats. I hope I can make one of those things a reality very soon.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I’ve been in such a good mood lately, despite some things. I think it’s the weather, and the fact that I’m almost to the end – 23 days until the end of the semester!

And to my friends under pressure currently: You can make it. I believe in you, and am always here for you. Everything will work out as it should.

Yeah, I’ve been caught up in stuff lately, and though I’ve been meaning to post, haven’t found the time or got in bed before I had a chance to type something up.

Anyway, I had a nice Easter weekend. I worked that Saturday night, went out with the guys to celebrate Blake’s birthday, and then went to work again on Sunday morning.

Speaking of work, my friend Sarah was hired on in my area, and I’m happy for her! It’s hard to find a job, it seems, and I know she needed one. I wish the best of luck to all my other friends applying for summer jobs and internships as well.

I don’t think much else happened last week (unless you count this event that unfortunately made national news) until Friday, when I hung out at Box City. The event was held to raise homelessness awareness, and we brought cans in exchange for boxes that we could build our shelters. I  made the “Haus of Hobocore,” ate soup and drank hot chocolate. A lot of people came down and played instruments. We had a saxophone quartet, some guitars, a drum made out of a bucket, a keyboard, and a double bass. It was all a lot of fun, but around 11:30 I was shivering. It had been warm at the beginning of the week, but the temperature Friday night was down in the 30s. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay the night outside in my box, so I gave my box pieces to some girls who wanted to use them, and I went back to my room.

My aunt Jo and uncle Dave came to visit Saturday. We had gyros for lunch, watched the McKinley Mile bike race, toured downtown Muncie, walked around campus, and ate Thai food for dinner. Alex joined us for dinner; we split something called a “sleeping banana” (which is what most people call a fried banana, apparently?) for dessert, and it was quite interesting.

I think it was a fun visit with my aunt and uncle, and it’s a shame I couldn’t spend some more time with them. They went to visit my mom for the night, though, and I sent them back with a bunch of my stuff – including my crate of yarn, in which the yarn became cushioning for my DVD player…

Alex and I watched Drag Me to Hell, or at least half of it. Alex just wasn’t feeling it, but I don’t think he’s as big a Sam Raimi fan as I am. I love that goofy stuff, it’s hilarious.

Sunday, I practiced driving and then later ate dinner and played Stoner Fluxx with the guys (sans the illegal rules, of course). I won two out of three games.

Classes are going well this week, and the weather’s nice. I have the doom and gloom of three 8-10 page papers, among other assignments, hanging over my head, but I’m still feeling good! Woo!

April is National Poetry Month, and while I am going to attempt to read a poem every day during it, I wanted to share some with you. Not my own; maybe that will come, someday, but not now.

I feel that this is an appropriate poem to follow up yesterday’s post. It’s also one of my favorites. I discovered it last semester when I was looking for a poem in the Contemporary American Poetry book I have – borrowed lovingly from Cindy, my stepmother. When I discovered it, I was enamored because, well, I have big hips. That night I ended up running into my neighbors’ room and reciting it loudly with very big hand gestures. It was a goofy night, but it felt SO good to read this aloud. I highly recommend it.

“Homage to my Hips”
Lucille Clifton

these hips are big hips
they need space to
move around in.
they don’t fit into little
petty places. these hips
are free hips.
they don’t like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to go
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them
to put a spell on a man and
spin him like a top!