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I’ve been busy lately – working out, writing, working, reading, going to class, knitting a sweater, watching Twin Peaks (I’ve only got one episode left!), and socializing. Yeah, I’ve been pretty much doing everything besides updating this thing. Apologies.

I had the house to myself most of this week until late Wednesday night, so I kept myself occupied. It was nice, but even better when Jess came home, because some nights alone in the apartment were scary, especially one incident where a particular part of Twin Peaks made me keep my door shut the whole night (Think Leo Johnson, second season, cake and creepy smile.).

Last Monday, I baked banana-chocolate-chip cookies after I got back from class, and then I met up with Sarah. We biked twenty-five miles on the Greenway. It was exhilarating, and I think my legs hurt all week because of it.  We also found wild mulberries and blackberries and picked them along the way. It was a great day.

Tuesday, I worked out with Sarah, but we were still sore, so we did a lot of upper-body work and did less cardio. Dom wasn’t going to be home, so I didn’t over and watch Firefly with him, but opted for my Twin Peaks addiction. I really need to get the film from interlibrary loan.

Wednesday after class, I went to the grocery store and then went over to visit Sarah’s apartment. We did yoga. I really do hope we can keep working out together over the school year. I feel so much better doing it.

Thursday, I worked out with Sarah and returned home. I did my homework, and planned to have another quiet evening of knitting, watching Futurama, finishing  Twin Peaks, and eating milk and cookies. Kelly came over to visit, and she said Carlos O’Kelly’s had dollar margarita specials. Jess and I decided to go with her, even though we had both wanted to see the new Futurama.  I was introduced to a few other people by the time we got to Carlos O’Kelly’s, though most of them escape me now. I was a little nervous and out of my element, since I knew only three people of the group.

We moved our party to the Locker Room later, and then ended up at the Chug, where we ended up singing karaoke. They had karaoke. I had never sung karaoke at a bar before, and Jess was like, “OH MY GOD WE NEED TO DO IT!” So we signed up to do it.

Meanwhile, Jess had told Bob that we were going to sing karaoke. He said, “I wish I could see that,” and she said, “You should come!” But Bob is in Auburn about an hour and a half away. He didn’t respond until about that much time later, and then he said, “Oh, I can’t, but where are you, anyway?” She told him, and a few minutes later, he walked in the door. It was the sweetest damn thing I had seen in a long time.

We sang along with a few other people who sang “Sweet Caroline,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and of course, “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Around midnight, Jess, Kelly, and I got on the stage and sang the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life.” I felt like an idiot, being a college girl singing a song I hadn’t listened to in ten years, sort of childish and dorky. It was great, though, and I totally want to go back to karaoke night at the Chug, just maybe not if I have to go to work in the morning. My throat was so sore from yelling.

Friday, I went to work, but I was tired. Alex came up. Jess left for a photography job, and we made dinner together and did one last practice at driving. We went to hang out with Thom, Nick, and Sarah, and we watched A View to a Kill. For the most part, I had a good night, but before we went to bed, I just started psyching myself out about the next morning’s drive test. It was pretty much my only shot for the time being, and I knew I had worked hard, but my stomach hurt and I was so anxious Alex had to calm me down and assure me that I was going to do just fine. I felt better, and we went to sleep.

I woke up Saturday morning, and wasn’t too nervous until I was sitting on the futon, eating frosted mini wheats, and staring off into space. Alex reassured me. My mind kept telling me, “You can do this, you’ll be fine,” but there was this little bit of doubt and fear still inside me.

I drove to the license bureau to get one last practice in order to warm myself up for the test. I was all right again, and I was confident. Alas, I soon found myself alone in Alex’s car alone with the instructor, and her cold exterior scared me. I was terrified when she made me parallel park. I screwed up. She reminded me to use my far right mirror. She said, “You’re not using your mirrors, use your mirrors,” and I swear to God I was using my mirrors but it wasn’t doing me any good. I tried a third time, and she was frustrated with me and I knew it and so I started to panic. I wanted to cry. I had come this far, and I just was screwing it all up.

She asked if I was okay. I said, “I think I just failed my test.” She said, “You haven’t failed the test, but you will if you don’t calm down. Now, pull out when you’re ready to.”

I sucked it up. Not all was lost. I just had to finish.

The rest of the test actually wasn’t all that bad, and even though I think she was frustrated when I tried to park, she unbuckled her seatbelt and said, “I’m going to pass you anyway, but you need to work on your parallel parking and stopping at your stop lines.” She left the car, and it took all I had to not cry – I was wearing makeup and didn’t want to smudge it for my driver’s license picture. I had passed!

I sat down by Alex as they processed my papers. I leaned on him and dripped a few tears on his shoulder. We were both so relieved I had passed, and I couldn’t have done it without him. He, who was frustrated at me the first few times I tried driving in his car. He, who loves cars so much, especially his “Domino,” and he let me drive her, despite my inexperience. He, who was my cheerleader when I felt like crap. I don’t know how I can repay him. He’s done so much for me, and I am grateful for it.

I called my mom and told her the good news. I called my dad and told him the good news. Everyone was celebrating. After five years, I had finally earned my driver’s license. It was a long and complicated journey, but I finally achieved what I should have at the age of sixteen. And in a few months, I should have a car of my very own to cherish, christen, and drive around. I can’t wait.

Sarah and Thom came over for dinner, which Alex helped me make. We baked some Italian herb monkey bread and made a balsamic vinegar – sausage – feta cheese pasta toss. It was all very good, and we ate it as we listened to songs from my favorites list on my iPod. After dinner, we sat on the porch and talked. We walked to the Chug, which was practically empty. We played skeeball, trying to outdo each other. My highest score was 21,000. The overall high score from our group that night was made by Thom, who got 24,000. The machine’s overall top score was 38,000.

We left the Chug and went home. We sat on the porch, continuing the conversation. Then I just got so tired, and I didn’t like being eaten by mosquitoes, so I called it a night.

We slept in until 11:00 on Sunday morning. We took our sweet time taking showers and eating leftover pasta for lunch. Jess told me that Bob was coming up to watch fireworks with her. She had been sad that this was her first Independence Day not cooking out or watching fireworks with her family, and even though I had invited her to join us, I think she still felt lonely. So, Bob decided to come up. So nice!

Alex and I were bored and went over to Silvertree to visit Krista, Sarah, Nick, and Thom. We ate garden tomato and basil chips. They were good. I had never seen the film Independence Day, which was on the television when we walked in, and even though it was halfway over, Krista was like, “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!” and so she got her DVD and we watched it from the beginning. I enjoyed it, but then after it was over, we were just bored and bitching about Spider-Man 3, even though it took hours before anyone decided to change the channel to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Sarah and Thom made barbecue chicken, rice, and cumin mashed potatoes for dinner. Around 8:45, we stopped by my apartment to pick up a blanket, sparklers, and ice cream, and then met Krista and her friends Jeff and Ben at the middle school. Jess and Bob followed us as well, and all ten of us got on the MITS bus that was heading towards the fireworks place. As it turns out, it was just at the high school. We were like, “Oh, they could have told us it was here… that would have been easier…”

There were so many people at the school, and we were just trying to find a good place to sit, but that proved to be difficult because many people were being dumbasses and shooting crappy fireworks they had bought. We didn’t want to be hit by debris or have our blankets catch on fire, so we wanted to be away from the stupidity. We found a nice little place on a small slope by the tennis courts. We laid our blankets on the prickly grass, overlapping and making one giant continent. I kicked off my shoes because they were hurting me. I had bloody blisters all over my feet, and I winced as I walked around.

We passed out sparklers, and Nick let us borrow his lighter to light them. It had been so long since I had held a sparkler! We got pictures and danced around with them. Alex and I opened my pint of Chunky Monkey and shared it. It was just like old times, when my mom and I would each have a pint of ice cream as we watched fireworks.

Finally, around 10:00, all the dumb people in the crowd stopped trying to fire off their fireworks and the real show began. We had a prime spot. The explosions in the sky seemed so large, and I felt so small. My mouth hung open in awe throughout most of the show, barring the mosquito bites on my arms. It was quite magical. I know, it’s silly to think that something so small as fireworks could be so cool, but the show was truly impressive. I could have watched them for hours, just sitting there on my blanket with Alex, his arms wrapped around me.

When the show was over, we were caught up in the mass exodus. I felt like one of those people in the evacuation scenes of Independence Day because it was that crazy. Our group struggled to stay together at first, but we got through it. Someone kept throwing those little firecrackers that you set on the ground and watch pop, and so our group would rush along until we saw one of those lit on the ground, and we’d all have to step back and warn each other. The first one exploded, but the second was a dud and Jeff rubbed it out with his shoe.

We got on the bus back to where our cars were parked, and Alex and I gave up our seats to a couple with a lot of small children and a stroller. We moved to the back and found some spare seats, and I sat across from a woman and her fourteen-month-old son. He looked at me and smiled, and then he looked at Alex, who was sitting next to the toddler’s father, and smiled.

Today, we slept in late, took our showers, and had lunch while watching episodes of the Venture Bros. Alex left not long ago, and I’ve been writing and trying to work on homework. Jess and Bob are borrowing my Playstation for the moment, so Twin Peaks will have to wait, but that’s okay. I probably should concentrate on my class for a while. Only a few more weeks left! I just wish this one could have lasted longer…

Goals Completed:

#1: Receive my driver’s license.

#55: Sing karaoke at a bar.


I have enjoyed my week off, though I will admit, I didn’t get much of anything done. I didn’t even finish The Grapes of Wrath.

What I did do, however, was satisfying. Even if the last day or so was dedicated to watching the entire first season of 30 Rock.

I knit a lot, attempted a sewing project, cooked, and baked. My mom’s birthday was on Wednesday, and I made her a cheesecake, my first. Here is the result. It tastes just as amazing as it looks.

Also, Alex came to visit on Thursday. It was wonderful to see him, and he stayed for dinner, dessert, and wine. Wine that I bought it in the Loire Valley in 2007 when I went to France. I was unable to taste it for myself, as it was a school trip and the chaperons frowned upon my insistence to drink abroad. Mom and I had been saving that wine for a special occasion; my graduation came and went, mom got a new job, birthdays passed. I think we finally decided, unofficially, that waiting for the right “special” moment just didn’t seem right. Why not drink the wine when we felt like it? So thus, we drank it – for life, family, love, and the joys of summer.

I moved back up to the college town today. When we pulled in, I heard “Life During Wartime” on the radio and couldn’t help but smile at the line about peanut butter.

I’m living with my roommate from sophomore year, Jess. I have my own key and room, and it’s interesting to really be on my own. I don’t have to rely on residence hall living, and I’m truly responsible for what I do. Not that I wasn’t before, by any means, but I just feel small right now.

I figured I would just share a list of poetry I read last month to satisfy Goal #89: Read a different poem each day for a month. Most days I only had time to read one poem, since I was finishing up projects, but I would have read more if I could. I’d highly recommend trying this – it’s interesting how people differ in their works, and how they make it personal. If anything, get StumbleUpon and use it to discover new poetry when you’re bored. You’d be surprised.

Poetry Throughout the Month of April:

1st – Lucille Clifton, “Homage to My Hips”
2nd – Amiri Baraka, “Somebody Blew Up America,” “Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note,” and “A Poem for Speculative Hipsters”
3rd – Hettie Jones, “Weather,” “Lament for a Turkish Suicide Age 22,” “Hard Drive”
4th – William Blake, “The Lamb” and “The Tyger”
5th – William Wordsworth, “Daffodils”
6th – Walt Whitman, “Continuities”
7th – Charles Bukowski, “So You Want to Be a AWriter”
8th – Henry Scott Holland, “Death is Nothing at All”
9th – Robert Hayden – “Those Winter Sundays”
10th – Jorge Luis Borges, “The Just”
11th – John Keats, “On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour,” “A Thing Of Beauty,” “Bright Star”
12th – Diane di Prima, “Rant” and “The Belltower”
13th – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, “Solitude” and Sheenagh Pugh, “Missing Scenes”
14th – Elise Cowen, “A Skin…” “Sitting,” “Teacher – Your Body My Kabbalah,” “Emily…” “Who Will Slap…” “Death…” “Did I Go Mad…” “The Lady…”
15th – Louise Glück, “The Untrustworthy Speaker,” “The Empty Glass”
16th – Theodore Roethke, “The Storm”
17th – Martin Bæk Barksø Rasmussen, “Split Betweeen Two Girls”
18th – Pablo Neruda, “Tonight I can write the saddest lines…”
19th – William Butler Yeats, “When You are Old”
20th – Edgar Allen Poe, “A Dream Within a Dream” and Ezra Pound, “In a Station of the Metro,” “Portrait d’une Femme”
21st – Nichita Stãnescu, “A Poem,” “The Golden Age of Love,” “Season’s End,” and “Sentimental Story”
22nd – Adrienne Rich, “Diving Into the Wreck” and “In a Classroom”
23rd – Charles Bukowski, “8 Count” and “Consummation of Grief”
24th – Pablo Neruda, “Drunk as Drunk” and “Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks”
25th – Robert Thornton, “Someday”
26th – Ted Hughes, “Lovesong,” “Bride and Groom Lie Hidden for Three Days,” “Examination at the Womb-Door”
27th – Erica Mann Jong, “Parable of the Four-Poster” and Anonymous, “On Jekyll Being Nearly Thrown Down by a Small Pig”
28th – Lenore Kandel, “Hard Core Love” and “God/Love Poem”
29th – Sara Teasdale, “Faults,” “Eight O’Clock,” and “September Midnight”
30th – Mark Strand, “Keeping Things Whole,” “Eating Poetry,” “The One Song,” and “Always”

How to Make Key Lime Pie:

  1. First, you must want a desire for the key lime pie – not days, not weeks, but months in advance. Reminisce about your dad’s delicious key lime pie.
  2. A few months later, your professor announces that she will have a cookout for you during finals week. Decide to make the pie.
  3. Ask your dad for his key lime pie recipe.
  4. Decide to not only make one pie for the cookout, but one to share with your friends. Double the recipe.
  5. Drive to the grocery store and pick up the ingredients for the pie(s). This is especially fun if you’re actually practicing for your driver’s license. You do an all right job parking, surprisingly.
  6. Buy the ingredients. Separate from your boyfriend while trying to find lime juice. Don’t worry, you’ll meet up again in the paper towel aisle.
  7. The cookout isn’t until Wednesday, but you think you might make the pie on Tuesday. Realize you won’t have any time on Tuesday. Walk back to your dorm in cold, stormy weather to make that pie.
  8. Call your dad. Find out how he’s doing, and tell him you’re going to make the pie. Also, you think it’s cool that your little brother is taking guitar lessons. Wish you could play guitar.
  9. Grab a bunch of bowls, the kitchen key, and a whisk. You’re supposed to have a mixer, but a whisk will do. Your arm will just get tired later.
  10. Put on the techno playlist you’ve been listening to for the past week. Grab the big red bowl you checked out from the hall desk and decide you can put all the ingredients in it (and surprisingly, you’re right).
  11. Mix the ingredients, but save the Cool Whip for last. Add in more lime juice than recipe calls for because you want it to be extra limey.
  12. Your techno playlist ends. Put your iPod on shuffle. “Hotel Yorba” comes on while you’re adding the Cool Whip, and you think about how long its been since you’ve heard it. Dance around the kitchen.
  13. You realize that you’ve made essentially three pounds (maybe more) of key lime pie filling. Holy crap.
  14. Pour most of that key lime pie filling into the two graham cracker crusts you have ready.
  15. Eat the rest of the filling out of the bowl, and rejoice in how awesome it tastes. Lick the whisk and spatula, too.
  16. Put the pies in your fridge. You wish you could bury your face into those pies right now.
  17. Wash your dishes, including the dirty ones you’ve had lying around. Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” comes on. You accidentally break a spoon.
  18. You finish the dishes while listening to “Psycho Killer” and strutting around the dinky kitchen.
  19. Carry your dishes to your room, and take the key, whisk, and red bowl to the desk. Retrieve your learner’s permit that you left as collateral.
  20. Go back to your room, and repair the broken spoon with masking tape. It’s not pretty, but it will do. Put the rest of your dishes away.
  21. Watch Chowder and The Big Bang Theory. Think about how, maybe, you should work on your final project that is due Wednesday night at your professor’s cookout. Let’s hope you can get that done on time.

(Also, I’ll rejoice in completing goal #46, which is making Key Lime Pie the way my dad does.)

I’m a few months in on my 101 Goal project, and I figured I’d make this post about my progress. I have been updating it some, but it seems like I’m working on a lot of them at the same time, so it’s taking longer to accomplish them. Also, some of my goals involve other parties (such as Alex), and that limits whether or not they are attained. However, I feel happy and confident when I think about it. I just have to keep going and stay focused. I truly believe that I can accomplish these things, and I will be a better person for them.

So, anyways, an update.

Accomplished Goals (7/101 – Yeah, I know how it looks.):

7. Write a list of 101 things/reasons why I love Alex, and share it with him.

26. Do a crossword puzzle every day for a month.

34. Bake a chocolate cake, complete with frosting, from scratch.

50. Fly kites with Alex.

51. Mail a love note.

68. Go to the Artist Within and paint a piece of pottery.

72. Put all my music, videos, pictures, and other documents on an external hard drive.

Goals Actively, as of Now, in Progress:

1. Receive my driver’s license. I’m practicing more now that the snow has melted. Also getting better, and very excited.

8. Update my blog at least seven times a month for a year. Haha.

14. Knit a blanket. It’s pretty, but SO WARM to work with!

16. Knit the Companion Cube for Alex. I have the yarn, and I’m practicing steeking. Getting closer…

17. Learn how to crochet. I’ve learned how to do a granny square, and I’ve done another simple project, but I’m not ready to say that I’ve completed it yet.

21. Write 10 original short non-fiction works.

22. Write 10 original short fiction works. I’ve been writing a lot lately, but I need to just complete things.

27. Read 15 of the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels (From either the Board or the Readers’ choice lists) that I haven’t read before. I’ve read 2 of the 15 so far.

28. Watch 15 Movies off of AFI’s Top 100 Movies that I haven’t seen before. Also, I only have 2 films watched out of the 15.

47. Grow my hair long enough to braid it. I’m trying, but my hair is stubborn, it seems.

49. Rent an apartment. We’ve signed a lease, but we won’t officially begin renting until August.

57. Donate blood for 8 quarters (that I’m eligible) in a row. Twice so far, third time soon!

61. Open a checking account, or see if it is possible. I aim to get one next weekend.

95. Finish playing Portal. Alex is letting me play, but it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done it.

So there we go, a little push on my part. I assure you, I’m not ignoring it. I wish I had more time and money, but that’s one of the challenges I can deal with. But believe me, completing this list is not as simple as it seems.

Life is good. This I can say is true.

The rest of last week came and went without much ado. I was glad to see it go.

Friday night I went out with Alex, Scott, Matt, and Nick to celebrate Nick’s 21st. All the drinks I had were new to me, and I discovered some that I really, really like. It was fun, though we waited almost an hour outside the Locker Room for a taxi to the Heorot that never came. It was cold and I was dancing around in piles of slush and snow singing along to songs on the speakers. We ended up going to Motini’s instead, and then around midnight, Alex, Scott, and I decided to pack it in for the night. I bought slices of Greek’s pepperoni pizza for all of us, and I ate my yummy, greasy slice with my threadbare mittens.

I didn’t work on Saturday, so we slept in until 11:30. I did homework the rest of the day, nothing too special.

Sunday I had the chance to sleep in again, and I did some more homework. Sarah, Thom, Alex, and I cooked a Valentine’s Day dinner for a bunch of our friends, and while it was cooking, I read some of Ender’s Game and started working on my project for the “Ravelympics” – a cute lace shrug.

I accomplished another one of my goals – # 7: Write a list of 101 things/reasons why I love Alex, and share it with him. I printed it up and gave it to him on Valentine’s Day. Some of it is really personal, some of it is about his quirks, some of it ended up being things I just wanted to tell him, but overall, it’s from my heart. A few of these included:

12. You can fix things, such as your bike (even though now your bike is stolen.).

34. You have shown me that spaghetti westerns may be long, but they are entertaining. Clint Eastwood is a badass.

55. You draw fun Godzilla pictures with crayons on the backs of Sunshine Café placemats.

76. I don’t care if you like White Castle, I’d still go there at 1:00 in the morning if you wanted to.

So yeah… he’s kind of a big deal.

Monday wasn’t bad. I’ve been rather tired lately – so tired it hurts – but I’ll make it through. It’s been snowing again, though not as hard as last time. It started yesterday around the time I was at work, and I don’t think it’s stopped since.

Today has been a fantastic day! I love Mardi Gras and though I’ve never been to the celebrations in New Orleans, I hope to go someday – though it’s insane this year since they won the Super Bowl, and that would be fun experience. I woke up this morning and had an apple-filled pączek with my coffee. My first class didn’t formally meet, so I had some extra free time after going to a study session during that time. I made red beans and rice with sausage for dinner, and though it’s not the authentic version, I hope next year since I’ll be in the apartment, I’ll be able to make it. Yeah, that and bananas foster would be neat to make.

I haven’t been doing much else tonight, except hanging out in my room while knitting and watching True Blood.

Laissez les bon temps rouler…

Okay, I’m starting to knock a few more items off my list – slowly but surely. The first one of note is #34: Bake a chocolate cake, complete with frosting, from scratch. For my birthday, I made these Guinness Gasm cupcakes. Mine weren’t nearly that pretty, but they were delicious, and nearly a week after making them, they are still just as moist and delicious – Mom and I have been eating them all week. It might be a stretch, but they are cakes – just small cakes. The only thing I didn’t do on my own was frosting the cupcakes. I got really mad at the frosting when I was mixing it, so Mom helped me put it on. Other than that, my goal was accomplished. A tasty, tasty goal, indeed.

The second goal sounds a bit silly, but for the longest time, I’ve wanted to put all my videos, photos, music, and writing documents onto an external hard drive. It has become an increasingly important goal in that I am afraid that either the shared desktop computer my mom has or my Mac laptop will crash and I will lose all of those items. I asked for an external hard drive for Christmas, and my dad and stepmom found one for me, though Alex thought it would be a good gift for me, too (Oops.). I finally took the time the other day and transfer all those important files to one universal place. Yay! That means I can clean up my Mac…

Finally, the weather forecasts have predicted snow all week. It’s finally coming down. It’s been coming down all day and my mom’s classes at the gym have been canceled for tonight.

And it just keeps coming and coming…

I was wondering, at first, how this 101 Goals project would turn out, but then I decided I would just jump right into it. I chose something I thought would be simple, so that when I finished it, I would be motivated to do more. So this is the first, and I am in the process of completing more of my goals!

This goal, #26, was to complete a crossword puzzle every day for a month, whether it was in the newspaper or online, as I did sometimes. I did them in the morning, throughout the day (sometimes during class), or right before I went to bed. The reason why I set this goal was to improve my vocabulary and solving skills. I think it worked, I felt better as I completed them, and as the month went on, it became easier to finish crosswords because a lot of the same answers are used, especially if they are short or have odd letters.

And even though December, my “Crossword Puzzle” month is over, I haven’t stopped completing them. They are fun, and they boost my confidence. Mission accomplished, I’d say!

A few weeks ago, I was playing with StumbleUpon. Originally, I found a post by this man about cheap date ideas. He mentioned making a list of 101 Goals in 1001 Days. I thought the idea was interesting. I have a lot of things I’d like to do, but I don’t necessarily get around to doing them. I decided that I could use this list for those short term accomplishments, but also something bigger. So, after much thinking, I made my own list. I’ll be keeping track of my progress through this blog. I hope to accomplish these goals, but if I don’t, that’s okay – welcome failure!


Sam’s 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

(Starting November 17th, 2009)

1. Receive my driver’s license.
2. Buy a car.
3. Pass Decision Point 3.
4. Student Teach.
5. Pass Decision Point 4.
6. Graduate Ball State.
7. Write a list of 101 things/reasons why I love Alex, and share it with him.
8. Update my blog at least seven times a month for a year.
9. Take a trip to Canada.
10. Try a flaming drink.
11. Dye a skein of yarn by hand.
12. Dye a skein of yarn with Kool-Aid.
13. Knit a cardigan.
14. Knit a blanket.
15. Knit a pair of socks.
16. Knit the Companion Cube for Alex.
17. Learn how to crochet.
18. Paint two paintings on canvas.
19. Complete the Mona Lisa puzzle.
20. Write 20 original poems.
21. Write 10 original short non-fiction works.
22. Write 10 original short fiction works.
23. Learn how to play piano.
24. Watch the sun set, stay up and then watch the sun rise.
25. Learn how to dance with Alex.
26. Do a crossword puzzle every day for a month.
27. Read 15 of the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels (From either the Board or the Readers’ choice lists) that I haven’t read before.
28. Watch 15 Movies off of AFI’s Top 100 Movies that I haven’t seen before.
29. Kiss in a heavy rainstorm.
30. Go sledding, and then curl up with hot chocolate afterwards.
31. Take a vow of silence for one day.
32. Turn off and refuse to use electronics for a week.
33. Go play laser tag.
34. Bake a chocolate cake, complete with frosting, from scratch.
35. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch.
36. Get a bigger bookshelf.
37. Get a little red dress.
38. Make a photo diary for a year.
39. Go camping.
40. Learn how to say “I love you” in 10 other languages besides English.
41. Go vegetarian for at least one month (Despite parent’s protests.)
42. Have a dentist’s appointment.
43. Get eyeglass prescription checked.
44. Meet Alex’s grandparents.
45. Go see the Butterfly Gardens.
46. Make Key Lime Pie the way my dad does.
47. Grow my hair long enough to braid it.
48. Take a trip to New Orleans.
49. Rent an apartment.
50. Fly kites with Alex.
51. Mail a love note.
52. Go to the zoo.
53. Teach Aunt Jo how to knit.
54. Frame my Agent Smith poster.
55. Sing karaoke at a bar.
56. Make a sock monkey.
57. Donate blood for 8 quarters (that I’m eligible) in a row.
58. Take a yoga class/course.
59. Learn basic belly dancing.
60. Donate $5 to charity for each item I do not complete on this list (I’m a college student, so I can’t afford too much.)
61. Open a checking account, or see if it is possible.
62. Use my calligraphy set.
63. Give up Facebook for a month.
64. Have David teach me how to play chess.
65. Hit Broad Ripple or other parts of Indianapolis for a night on the town.
66. Make 3 pieces of jewelry.
67. Submit a work (poem or story) for publication.
68. Go to the Artist Within and paint a piece of pottery.
69. Read with my little brother Alex.
70. Drive to my dad’s on my own.
71. Write 10 small messages about books that meant a lot to me, and place them in library copies of the books.
72. Put all my music, videos, pictures, and other documents on an external hard drive.
73. Upgrade my operating system.
74. Go roller-skating.
75. Visit Chris, Rachel, and Emma in Lafayette.
76. Visit Jennifer at IU.
77. Go indoor rock climbing.
78. Ask Grandpa Gilbert about his time in the Air Force.
79. Ask Grandma Gilbert about the Laska side of the family.
80. Watch Great-Grandma Lorraine’s video.
81. Ask Grandpa Tilmans about his time at NASA.
82. Ask Grandma Tilmans about her parents and her teaching experiences.
83. Go to Alex’s graduation.
84. Look at the stars and planets through our telescope.
85. Try Vera Mae’s Bistro.
86. Attempt an embroidery project.
87. Get CPR certified.
88. Grow a plant I could use (tomatoes, chilies, berries, etc.).
89. Read a different poem each day for a month.
90. Go to a drag show (other than Spectrum’s – I like them, but I should try a different crowd.)
91. Knit Jock a dog sweater.
92. Get a professional back massage.
93. Finish my 1,000 cranes project that I started in high school.
94. Drink the bottle of French wine I bought in 2007.
95. Finish playing Portal.
96. Make homemade candy.
97. Play Scrabble with my mom. Try to beat her.
98. Attend a concert.
99. Visit the West Coast.
100. Go skinny-dipping.
101. Throw a party.