Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s another week, and oh, what a doozy!

I have recently been afflicted by a bout of fatigue. Tuesday night, when I was at work, I was so weak, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep working, or even bike home. I’ve been trying to get some more rest, too, but that’s not easy.

I taught yesterday at the charter school in front of my professor and a video camera. It was okay. Not great, but at least my professor said I had shown a lot of progress. I still need to get my “teacher voice,” though. Then today, I taught another lesson for my practicum. The students weren’t as involved as they were last week. I guess the sense of fatigue, monotony, and general disinterest is infecting not only me, but also everyone. In short, the kids are quiet and it sucks, specifically since it reflects poorly on me.

In addition, I caught a bit of opposition today for lending a student my pen. I understand my supervising teacher’s purpose in making sure students come prepared for class, but I’m tired of watching him argue and belittle the students every day when, inevitably, one of the students forgets to bring one of his materials. Students need to have responsibility, but they aren’t perfect, and I find it is more important for them to write their journal entries than to take that time and lecture to the student.

I was just exercising my right, as I have learned in my classes, to form my own teacher identity. The teacher was lecturing the student, and I didn’t think anything of it and just gave the student my pen, saying, “As long as I get it back.” And you know what? He wrote his entry. I watched him. When he was done, he gave the pen back to me. He was thankful for it. We had a feeling of mutual respect. That’s more than I can say for my supervising teacher. I am sure he probably felt miffed that I undermined his authority by doing what I did, but I’m my own person, and I do care about those students. I want them to succeed, but I think the teacher and I have different definitions of “success.”

Despite my annoyance, I will miss the high school. Friday is my last day. Monday, I will be at the middle school, and who knows what will happen…

On the bright side and on a completely different note, Friday I get to see my Alex! It’s been three weeks since I’ve seen him, and we’re going to go see Electric Six. The tickets were my gift to him for his birthday. It should be awesome, and I’m so excited that I’m counting the hours until I can leave this city!