I could write about all the other things that are going on right now, but I’d just like to brag about my awesome timing today.

Around 10:00, I walked across the parking lot of the high school to my car, nearly blowing away in the process.

Near 10:25 or so this morning, I pulled into my parking spot and it started sprinkling.

By the time I entered my apartment, the tornado sirens went off. Luckily, we live on the ground floor, so it isn’t that hard to find a low place to go. Jessi said, “Bathroom?” and I said, “Bathroom.” She rounded up the two cats in her arms and carried them to the bathroom. I ran to my room and grabbed my laptop. Then I realized Ruu was still sleeping, so I knocked on her door and said, “Uh, tornado sirens are going off… so yeah…”

Nothing too serious came out of the incident. Distractions, more than anything. I was going to go to campus early so I could get some work done, but then after the sirens ended, it was still pouring outside. So I made myself lunch and read Girls With Slingshots instead. That’s a damn fine comic, and I finally caught up with it.

I still got soaked on my way to campus today, and my clothes were still somewhat damp when I came home today, but all in all, things haven’t been bad. I just wish I could be home before 5:00 sometime this week. Tomorrow I’m working a double shift, so I will be working 1-4 and 6-9. I’ll at least have some time to bike to the apartment and make dinner, and it’s three hours of extra money, so I won’t complain. It was my own choice.

Now, my Victorian British lit exam on Thursday – after turning in a crappy paper today for the same class  – that is something that wasn’t my choice…