We now have mice in our apartment. Don’t worry, they’re supposed to be there. My roommate bought two on Friday. So the total amount of creatures in our apartment is this: two cats, two mice, a couple fish, and a cricket farm for the praying mantis that we thought was male but is actually female and has an egg sac. Yeah. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t bring up Bones. He might be a fish, but there’s not nearly enough room for him and I don’t have nearly enough time to take care of him.

Oh, this week. I thought last week was busy. This week will have me in two different schools, working, and doing all of my regular assignments. I still have to do cleaning and laundry – my room’s a mess. I look forward to next weekend, though. I get my lover!

So, anyway, things have been getting better. Still a lot of stuff to do, but Friday after I got home from class, I baked three loaves of banana bread with the dozen brown bananas in our freezer. Friday night I went out with Krista and Sarah. We had rum buckets at the Locker Room. I had never left a drunken voicemail before, and Sarah demonstrated it for me. I left one for Alex, but it was loud and crowded and I couldn’t remember what I said. He later listened to it and liked it.

I had mentioned how Alex was home alone for the weekend. Sarah and Krista encouraged me to drive down there and surprise him. I wanted to, but I kept making excuses – too much homework and I had to work. But then I got to thinking that yeah, that would be a great idea. Sarah said I wasn’t spontaneous enough. I thought it would be so cool. I’d show up on Alex’s doorstep and we could hang out and eat pizza and watch movies. I needed to drive to his house someday, anyway. But I would only visit him if I knew that he would be staying at home and had no other plans.

Saturday morning I sent Alex a text. I asked him if he could have a wish come true that day, what would it be.

He responded while I was at work. It was as plain as day. He wished that he could see me. It was decided. I would go to him.

After work, I went home to eat lunch and pack my bag. Alex called. He said he had the sneaking suspicion that I would try to visit him. I’m no good at surprises, really. We talked about it, and he said that I didn’t need to come visit him at every chance now that I had a car. I just thought it would be nice. He said, “Sure,” and we hung up.

He called back a few minutes later. He said it probably wasn’t the best weekend to come visit, and I think he was really concerned about me driving, since I’m still new at it. I had directions and everything. If I hadn’t stopped to eat lunch, I probably would have been on my way. I was a little upset that he had changed his mind, but I understood. It was probably for the best, anyway. I spent the rest of Saturday doing homework, watching The Twilight Zone, and crocheting snowflakes.

I slept in this morning, and did more homework. I’m doing laundry now and watching Dark Shadows, which is somewhat campy, and I thought I’d like it, but it’s not as interesting as I had hoped. But I think I have most of my work done, so it should be nice to relax a bit. Just wish my life could be more interesting, more spontaneous….