Oh, October! I can’t believe you’re here already! I love you so, you’re my favorite month, with you’re cool temperatures, pretty leaves, and comfort food goodness. Now, if only I had the time to enjoy you!

Ah, ahem… anyway. Yes, it’s October. My, how time flies. Not too many important things to report. I mean, some, I’d say, but some matters are just not interesting or are public. Who am I kidding? It’s really nothing.

Alex came up to visit this past weekend. He brought me a superb rhubarb custard pie. We had a good time celebrating our friend Krista’s birthday, watched Shoot ‘Em Up (SO RIDICULOUS!) with our buddies, got my car checked out because it was showing the service engine light, and was caught in a freezing downpour. Also, I was sick with sinus crud. I’m much better, but my throat is still being affected by it.

It’s been work, work, work all week. More work to come. So far this week, I have written two 3-4 page essays, one 2 page response paper, read a huge chunk of David Copperfield, created a classroom management plan, did a webquest about gifted students, and taught a lesson on Helena Maria Viramontes’ story, “Growing.” I still have to research a paper on a topic in Alice in Wonderland and do a bibliography for it, evaluate my unit plan for special needs and ESL students, and numerous other reading/writing tasks, not to mention my work at the library.

Of course, I’m trying to find time for myself as well. I need to keep a workout schedule, as small as it is, bake three loaves of banana bread because we have a dozen brown bananas in our freezer, attend two social functions – one on Friday, one on Saturday, but I’m still not sure about the latter. I’ll take as much free time as I can get, though.

And now, for something slightly different, as a part of my practicum, I have to spend a few weeks in a high school and a few weeks in a middle school. Today, my class met at the high school to get a tour of the area. This required me to do something I’ve never done before – driving in Muncie, alone. Usually I have a passenger to help me out, since I’m terrible with directions. Well, not this time. Let’s just say I made it on time, but that wasn’t until after I got twisted and turned around the south side (but at least it was the area I needed to be in). I arrived at the school with my heart pounding and body shaking; I was terrified.

After our tour, I tried driving back home, thinking I knew the way. I didn’t. I got lost again and ended up on the highway before I realized I was going in the wrong direction. When I finally got back on the right track, I was stopped by a train. Eventually, I made it home for lunch, but not without a few new grey hairs. Let’s just hope I figure things out before Monday morning.