I had something really cool to write about here, but it might have to wait for another day. Due to my procrastination lack of syllabus-reading, I realized that my unit plan for practicum is due Friday. This Friday, as in five days from now. I’ve been busy going to shows, watching Glee on my computer, knitting, crocheting, browsing the internet, doing a lot of other stuff, that I forgot.

So, I started today needing to write eleven days’ worth of lesson plans. I already had two done as class assignments, and I did my assessment assignment on Thursday. I’ve been busting my butt, but I’m not done yet. I did three today, and that was with my distractions: sleeping until 11 am, grocery shopping, laundry, making chili mac and a walk to the gas station for chocolate-covered donuts.

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of how well I’m cranking out these lessons that fit into my unit, which is all about poetry. The biggest challenge is finding good poetry for high school juniors to read. I intend to (hopefully) have this done by Thursday night, so I can be happy and look forward to seeing my boy this weekend!