I’ve been better than how I was in my last post. It was just a long day, and the days and weeks have just been dragging along and blending together. I’ve started to really only care about how long I have before I get off work, how many days I have until I have a day off, and the days when I can sleep in. I’ve still been keeping up with my classes and doing my best, but it is still rather difficult.

In my free time for the past week, I watched the entire series of Daria and worked on my newest knitting project, and when I feel like socializing, I come out of my room and watch the Venture Bros. with my roommates. But I spend a lot of time in my room.

But… Great news! If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’ve had a rather unorthodox situation as a twenty-one-year-old. This summer, I finally got my driver’s license. Over the past few months, I’ve been lamenting my lack of vehicle and actively searching for one. Being car-less sucks because if you’re like me and have to bike or walk places, there are certain dangers. I don’t like biking at night, and I often have to do so. Last Saturday it rained when I got off work, and I was soaked by the time I arrived home. I was desperate for a car, but I couldn’t show that to the dealers, of course.

Well, this weekend, Alex came to visit. He just left about an hour ago for home, and I wished I could have had more time with him, since most of this weekend wasn’t really full of fun, to say. It was productive, though. He came up on Friday, and then we went to Indy for the Irish Festival. We got in for free, watched a sheep herding demonstration, some bands, some dancing, and I bought a ring (like I do every year I go). The food sounded good, but seeing as we were trying to save money, we had to forgo what the booths had to offer. We left after a while and ate somewhere else for dinner.

We stayed at my house for the night, played Alex’s new board game, Torres, and researched cars. Saturday morning, he, my mom, and I went car browsing. The first dealership was overwhelming, and I wasn’t a fan of the car we looked at. We had an appointment at another dealership, but there were so many in the area, we got lost. We ended up at a different dealership that was actually on my list, and we looked at the car I had seen online.

We turned the car on, looked it all over, and Alex and I each took a turn behind the wheel. Some negotiation took place, and, well, long story short, I drove my first car off the lot! It’s a 2001 Nissan Maxima in fantastic condition, and I’m almost certain that someone else would have taken it off the lot that day if I hadn’t. I’m also incredibly grateful that I have Alex. Without him, not only would I probably not have a driver’s license, but I wouldn’t have such a good car (or a car at all, probably). I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to show him how thankful I am, but I will try.

Currently, the car is in my mom’s driveway. We’re hoping to get it up to my apartment next weekend, but I need to take the registration to the BMV and apply for one of the parking permits in my apartment complex, among a few other things. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll have it up here next weekend. I’m so excited that I’ll be able to have authority and independence at long last.

Not much else has gone on this weekend, though. Alex and I returned to my apartment Saturday afternoon, and I made baked ziti for dinner. We hung out with our friends for a little bit, and we watched some Top Gear. I’m really sad that it is Sunday already, but I’m eager for the next twelve days to go by so I’ll be able to see Alex again. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to keep me busy, anyway, with my lesson/unit plans, reading assignments, exams, papers, and work…

Goals Completed:

#2: Buy a car.