You know what is a sad thought? I only have four days of classes this week, and it still seems to stretch on for eternity.

But do you know what is a happy thought? This past weekend. It was so nice to be with Alex and our friends. I only had one class, which was on Friday at noon, which I almost skipped, but I have an overbearing conscience that made me attend. When he got here, we went to the Artist Within and picked up our pieces. They look great, and apparently I got a lot of buzz about my awesome coffee mug. I’ll post pictures when I can – same with the pie. We had that after dinner on Friday, and it was so good! I will definitely make it, and many other pies, again.

I gave Alex his birthday present – tickets to the Electric Six concert in November. He knew about them, but I was so excited to actually say, “Look! We’re going, and it’s going to be great!”

We rounded up our friends on Friday night and hit the bars. It was a lot of fun. I really do miss seeing people. My social life is quite limited (so to speak) these days.

We slept in on Saturday afternoon and then picked Ninja up from the veterinarian. She’s now officially spayed, and we took care of her and Flareon this weekend for Jessi and Ruu.

The rest of Saturday was spent in boredom. We just relaxed and hung out, watching Shaun of the Dead in the evening. Alex had never seen it before, but he likes Hot Fuzz, too.

Sunday we went – drumroll please – car browsing! I need a car. I really need a car. I probably need to find a car by October 14th, or at least I’m hoping to find one that works. I like the Honda Civic, so I am leaning in that direction, but any good, similar, cheap car will do.

Later, we hung out with Scott, Sarah, Matt, and Geldes. We watched Taken and then the new episode of Mad Men. Sarah and I knit. When Alex and I got home, we weren’t ready to sleep, so we ate ice cream while watching Top Gear. The cats sat on either side of us. It was rather sweet.

I had to work at noon on Monday, and I was rather morose about it. Usually I work at one, but I had been talked into coming in an hour early. I would have rather not worked at all. Going to work after saying goodbye is a sad thing.

Classes and work are going all right this week, I guess. I wonder sometimes if I shouldn’t have moved off campus. I would be closer to where I spend all my time, and I would be able to go back to my room any time I want… but apartment living is cheaper, so after all, it was a good decision. I think.

Surprisingly, Alex came up today. I have now inherited the rocking loveseat that sat in his garage. It has flame-stitch-patterned fabric, but I think I might try to make a slipcover and make it less flamboyant. I know it was only two days ago, but seeing him today was nice, even if he couldn’t stay long. I just miss him, you know?

Among the rest of the things going on this week, I picked up a  three-hour shift for this Friday, so I don’t get a day off until Sunday, and after that, it’s next Friday. I have to wake up super early tomorrow to catch the bus because I’m going to the high school tomorrow and meeting my supervising teacher. Also, my copy of the Canterbury Tales got lost in the mail somehow and I’ve needed it for the past three days of class, and my laptop charger finally died. I only have 23% battery life right now, and that just rocks (sarcasm).