Summer has ended. A moment of silence, please.

I spent the rest of last week working, earning money. I picked up Palahniuk’s latest book, Tell-All, and interrupted my Lovecraft reading for it. It’s a quick read.

Wednesday night, I went grocery shopping with Jessi, and then I made brownies with a butterscotch topping. They were tasty, but extremely sweet.

I had to work Thursday morning, and Alex showed up in the afternoon. I made Smitten Kitchen’s zucchini and goat cheese pizza for dinner, and I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad making my own pizza crust isn’t too far out of reach, since I have all the ingredients are on hand – even the yeast.

We joined up with all our friends on campus, and got to see their new rooms, and then we headed to the Village. Unfortunately, it was a rather discouraging experience. The first bar had a DJ who was so loud, we were downstairs (and he was on a third-floor platform) and I was shouting to people next to me who couldn’t hear me. So the three of us who hadn’t ordered drinks left in the first five minutes to find another bar. The next bar had a good atmosphere; I liked the music, but they eventually turned up the volume. There wasn’t much seating or a drink selection.

The third bar was rather filled, and they had limited seating until a group left and we had space by the skeeball machine – our prime place. It was karaoke night, and I was excited about that, but everyone was still at the first bar. Upset, I went for a walk with Alex. We talked about what was bothering me, and how I had been so excited to go out and see everyone, but the night seemed like a bust.

Upon our return, everyone from the first bar had arrived, and they were rather intoxicated and entertaining. Everyone was happy, and it was better. I got a lot of hugs. Scott told me how he was glad I was his friend, and I started dribbling tears on his Transformers t-shirt. Alex was still a little sick, and the smoke was bothering his throat, so he left. Krista loudly told me how awesome Alex was and how we were going to get married. A little while later, Sarah, Geldes, and I went out to the parking lot to keep him company. I was glad to see everyone again. It makes coming back to Muncie worth it, even though I hate everything else about college, anymore, it seems.

Friday, we slept in. Yay! I introduced Alex to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and remembered that, even though it isn’t my favorite Wes Anderson movie, it still has its great parts, and no one can go wrong with Bill Murray (also, Jeff Goldblum). We wanted to hang out with people after that, but it took a while to round everyone up, and once we did, they wanted to go dine at the residence locations. Alex and I didn’t, and we went to Victor’s for gyros. It was a good idea, and our stomachs were satisfied when we met up with everyone again.

The guys wanted to play Alex’s board game, War and Peace, which took them four hours. Luckily, Sarah and I didn’t want to play and spent that time catching up, walking to the Village, buying Yoohoos and watching the drunks. We also went to Wal-Mart with Scott, and I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything.

On Saturday, Alex and I went to the Artist Within on a whim. He painted a trivet, and I painted a coffee mug. They should be really cool, and I might pick them up when they’re ready on Saturday – though I could wait until he’s up here again, too. For dinner, I made spaghetti with Romano cheese and black pepper (another Smitten Kitchen recipe) while listening to The Life Aquatic soundtrack.

I was sad on Sunday. Alex had to leave. I tried not to cry, but I did it anyway, as he dropped me off at work for a six-hour-shift. I got better after about two hours, but still. I was tired when I finally got off work. I called my parents, and asked my dad about my (no) car situation, and how it can be fixed. I’m serious. I want to drive. It would be nice to go grocery shopping without being at the mercy of bus drivers or patient friends.

Yesterday was the first day of classes, and the first day of my senior year. I had to keep telling myself not to panic, even though I was nervous. I drank my coffee while listening to the cats meow around me, and then biked through the horrible traffic on the way to class. Eight a.m. every day. Yeah, that’s going to be fun. That’s not even the worst part – the fact that I’m practically living on campus without actually doing so is. I had a two hour gap between my first two classes, and then I had to work immediately after that. So I was on campus from 7:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Today’s schedule is no better. 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 p.m. Three classes, a three-hour shift, and two large gaps where I just sit in the library, even though I work there.

At least I can pass the time by doing homework (when I eventually get homework), reading for pleasure, or catching up on my television shows. Yesterday I watched the three episodes of True Blood I had missed, so now I’m ready for Sunday. Holy crap. So awesome. Catfights, gore, sex, drugs, mystical creatures…yeah, this season is better than the last one, by far. Today’s videos have been to catch up on the past three episodes of Futurama. Tomorrow, I believe it will be Mad Men. I feel like I need a small knitting project to work on between classes, but I already feel like a pack mule with my laptop and books in my backpack and my lunchbox tied to my backpack…

Anyway, that’s boring, and I have to go to class soon – Finally! This semester is so far, so good. Hope it stays that way.