We now have wireless in the flat! Yay! No more cruising around in a car on campus with our laptops open in desperation! (Yes, it happened.)

Things are getting better, but I still dread Monday – the first day of classes, and the last year of me being a student here.

I’ve been working a lot these past few weeks. I think I’ve racked up about 50 hours since I moved back in. Hooray for money, but man, am I tired. Tomorrow is my last morning weekday shift, and I’m sad about that. I like the mornings. I’m so much of a morning person now, and it makes me feel productive, and I actually sleep at night. I’ll still have my Saturday morning shifts, though.

This past Saturday morning on the way to work, I fell off my bike. When I arrived at work, I was wet, grass-covered, and bleeding. Lucky me, I’m still alive with no broken bones, but I have a nice gross scab on my right hand because of the fall.

In other news, I sing the praises of Goodwill, Aldi’s, and the Dollar Store for making life affordable. When (or if – I’ll clarify in a moment) Alex visits this weekend, I’m going to bake homemade goat cheese pizza and make a romano cheese  and black pepper pasta toss, and we’ll be able to have butterscotch brownies with ice cream on top. Sweet action!
I’m hoping this weekend goes well. I haven’t been able to get a hold of friends other than my roommates, and Alex told me last night he’s getting sick. Since it is my last weekend of freedom for a while, I wanted him to visit. But when I texted him this morning asking if he felt better, he said he was feeling worse. Sad. 😦 I hope he feels better before tomorrow evening, and I can figure out something to do with somebody outside of my apartment this weekend.

More later, but as for now, there’s nothing else interesting to note. So here’s to the last bit of freedom!