I wasn’t in the best of moods when I wrote my last post. The rest of the day went downhill from there. Alex called me and asked “Guess where I am?” The answer was GenCon, and I didn’t know that he had decided to go. Then he said, “Guess who we just saw?” The answer was of course, Wil Wheaton, one of the few geeks (beside my own) who can make me swoon. So close, and I still couldn’t meet him in person! Alex told me that the line to meet him was long, so he wanted to get me an autograph, but the line was super long, so I understand. Besides, it would mean a lot to me, but not as much as actually meeting Wil in person and asking him myself.

So, I was jealous. Jealous that Alex was at GenCon, enjoying himself, while I was stuck at home, sitting on my butt. I hate not having a car. I can’t even go to the grocery store and the bank by myself, so I’m cooped up in the house all day.  In addition to my inability to leave the house, I have felt myself gain weight, which further lowers my self-esteem. Knowing all of this, I was further pushed into my funk on Friday.

Mom and I went to Gene’s Root Beer stand for dinner, where I had planned to have a chili dog, fries, and a root beer float. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been there, and so this was a special occasion. But I was so upset, I didn’t eat at all.

I felt better after I talked to Alex later that night. He said that while GenCon was an entertaining experience, he wished that he had prepared better for the convention and done all the stuff he had wanted to do, especially the free stuff. He was waiting for Scott to get out of one of the areas, and so he was feeling lonely and wanted someone to talk to. We both felt better afterwards, I think. (We’re rather similar, some days, it seems.)

Alex brought me some things from the convention, including this and this. He said they were really lame, but I don’t care. I didn’t expect anything from him, and I know he has been trying to save money. I find that it was a sweet gesture.

I saw him Saturday, when we played a round at the decrepit Putt-Putt course and arcade. After that, we drove around for a bit and then had dinner at his house with his parents. It was nice to see them again, and dinner and dessert was delicious.

I came home and hung out with Mom. I introduced her to True Blood, and now she’s hooked. She only has two episodes left after about a day and a half.

Sunday, I made pancakes for breakfast, with fresh fruit on the side. I spent my day packing up my belongings and knitting. I’m almost done with a pair of mittens for Jess; she asked for them for her birthday.

Today, I woke up before sunrise and made eggs, bacon, and toast for me and my mom. I feel bad because I really haven’t had the chance to spend much time with her over the summer, or that we have the financial ability to do fun, interesting things like we used to, like museum exhibits, art galleries, and movies. So I spent a little time with her this morning, and I think I might do it again and make French toast.

I was a fool and drank some coffee this morning with breakfast, so when I tried to crawl back into bed, I couldn’t sleep. I laid there for an hour with my eyes closed, but mind still going. So around 7:30, I gave up and read Speaker for the Dead in bed. I got a lot read, and it was nice and peaceful.

Jennifer stopped by after lunch. I had wanted to see her before I had to move back to Muncie, and I was glad for her visit. I just wish I had more time with her. If I had a car, I’d be able to visit her some weekend during the semester, but that will be for a while. We’ll keep in touch, though.

All in all, it’s been a really nice day. It makes me feel sadder knowing that tomorrow I have to go back to that big pothole, Muncie. But hey, that’s life. Summer gets shorter every year.