I went to Richmond for the weekend. The family reunion went well. I got to help my grandma bake, try hard pear cider with my uncle, and fix my little brother Alex’s treasured blanket. It’s really pretty, and I did the best I could. You can tell it’s been worn down with a lot of love.

At the reunion, I stayed out of the rain, which my brothers and younger cousin played in and got soaked and, well, just hung around the adults, because I’m one now, I guess. I discussed teaching with a distant relative – guessing, I don’t actually know what our relationship was – who has been a math teacher for over fifteen years. It’s nice that I’m actually getting encouraged to keep doing what I’m doing, since the past year and a half or so has made me doubt my desire to do teaching.

I also fielded many questions. Questions about whose kid I was, about school and the inevitable “Oh! Senior Year!” comment, questions about my knitting, since I was working on a scarf, and of course, questions about boyfriend Alex. Most of those came from my brothers; one of David’s made me laugh: “If you and your boyfriend Alex get married, how do we tell him and Alex (brother) apart?” This isn’t the first time my brothers (mind you, they’re ten and seven) have brought up the idea of me getting married. But there’s so much more I have to accomplish before that happens!

I didn’t get to see my dad that much, because he and my stepmother went up to Chicago to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, and they did really well and enjoyed their experience.

I came home on Sunday, and I’ve been a bump on the couch for the past few days. I keep meaning to go to the bank, but the weather is either too hot or rainy to ride my bike. I have sewing projects to work on, and knitting, and I’m trying to make sure I can finish Speaker for the Dead before this weekend. Instead, I’ve been watching a lot of crappy television, with the exception of the newest Futurama episode. That was cute.

I made cookies today, though! Yay! They’re s’mores cookies. Oh my god. Amazing. I’m going to give a dozen of them to Alex when he comes to visit tomorrow. And I might eat a dozen before then…

Just look at them. LOOK AT THEM. DELICIOUS.

Unfortunately, now I have to do dishes. Just add that to my list.

Packing’s on that list too, but I’ve been the least productive at that. I move up to the new apartment next Tuesday, and I should be more excited, but I’m not. I know, just one year left, but man, summer, I’ve missed you. I want some more time with you.