Everything is wrapping up where I am, currently. I’ve been rather busy. They are finally putting adhesive for carpet and the actual carpet down where I am working. It smells terribly there, because of poor ventilation, but I only have to work four hours tomorrow, so it’s not a big deal.

My project for the senior seminar is almost complete. Holy crap. When we were first discussing length, Dr. McKinney said he was expecting roughly 20 pages. Well, I am only 3/4 of the way through, and I’m looking at over 70 pages overall. I think I’ve gone a little crazy.

The project is a combination of personal nonfiction works and interviews I’ve conducted with friends and family. It’s all about the college experience, and the good, bad, and the ugly of it. Originally, I planned to do it as a side project and make a book. Now, it could actually be on it’s way to being a book, not a mere senior project. I’ve been writing and researching for my project every day since June began, so I’ve been working a lot on it. Yesterday, I was just revising the individual pieces and trying to get them all in one document. I have one essay, a cultural criticism one, left to edit and place, a reflection, and my works cited. I’ve also been encouraged to add pictures where I can. Oh boy.

I’m really excited to finish it tonight and turn it it. I hope it goes well. I think the length alone is going to blow Dr. McKinney out of the water. I think I might have to apologize for putting him through that. However, his critique should be helpful, and maybe I will expand that. I could definitely make this a book one day.

As for other things I’ve been up to, I haven’t been working out as much because I’ve been busy and sore. I did it on Tuesday, but felt sick. I’ve been feeling a little sick, on and off, for the past few weeks. I think it’s nerves, or something. I’m going to work out with Sarah later this morning, though, and then we’ll eat lunch together at the MT Cup. We formed plans last night when she was texting me about Whip It. I was like, “I know! Isn’t that awesome? We should skate together and become derby girls for the local team!” Oh, pipe dreams. I’m sure we’ll also talk about the crop of food blogs I sent to her the other day. She sent me a message that said, “I want to make everything!” And I completely understand. This writing project has made me sit at a computer for too long. I want to break free and make things!

More in the leisure department – I watched three seasons of Mad Men in a little over a week and anticipate the fourth, which premieres on Sunday. If I can watch it, I’ll probably be texting Sarah back and forth about it. I also finished my cardigan, finally. It’s not perfect, but it fits right, looks decent, and is super warm. I think it’s even too warm to try on and take pictures of, so that will have to wait. I’ve also been reading Last Exit to Brooklyn, but I haven’t done much reading this week. I was hoping to finish it before I left and return it to the library, but it is looking like I’ll have to take it with me. I don’t want to just stop reading it, after all.

I’m so excited. In 26 hours, I will be packing up my mom’s SUV and leaving Muncie. I have to come back in a few weeks, of course, when I move into the apartment, but I’m hopefully going to have some time to relax. I won’t be home much, though, it seems. When I get home tomorrow afternoon, we have to unpack the car and pack it again. Alex is going to drive up, and then my mom, Alex, and I are going to Ohio for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Alex has never met my grandparents, or my aunt Beth and uncle Brian, whom I haven’t seen in years. This should be very interesting, and hopefully fun for all the parties involved. I don’t want Alex to feel too awkward.

We’ll get back on Sunday, and then Monday night is the DEVO concert. Alex is driving Sarah and I, and then Nick is tagging along as a companion for Alex while we’re at the concert. This is going to be crazy fun. Then, next Thursday I’ll be off at Richmond for the weekend, as my dad’s side of the family is having a reunion. Oh, summer. How you pack my schedule with events…