I’ve been busy again recently. My big project is due next week, and so I’m trying to finalize my interviews and other research, the work I’ve written so far, and the spaces in between to create one cohesive project. I’m not actually too worried about it, but I can’t believe almost five weeks of class and ten weeks of my time in Muncie has passed.

My mom is coming up Saturday to take my mattress and whatever else she can fit in the car. I’ll be sleeping on the floor again. At least Alex won’t be coming up, so he won’t have to suffer through it.

I miss him terribly; love him truly.

I’ve been working normal schedule, and then I picked up a shift yesterday for a few hours. It was nice to earn some extra cash. I really hope I can work some during interim and then I can have a decent schedule in the fall. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about the spring. I really want to work, but I don’t know how easy that will be while I’m student teaching.

The library’s a mess. They’re going to be laying down new carpet in a few days, so we’ve been scrambling to pack things up and move them. You wouldn’t guess that we had so much stuff at first glance. Hell, I’ve worked there two and a half years, and now keep thinking about how we’re going to fit everything into one place temporarily, and then put it back in its place later. Not to mention that I’m not used to having to sit and watch the desk in case patrons come up while everything is being packed up around me. It’s like the world around me is disappearing. I’ll admit, I’ve been having a tiny panic attack because of it.

I think I’m also freaking out because packing all our piddly things reminds me of moving. I am so sick and tired of packing up everything and going to a new place. My dad moved from Ohio to Louisiana to Alabama to Kentucky. My mom and I have moved three times as well. When I was a child, I had to pack my suitcase and travel to see my dad at least twice a year, and then come back a few weeks later. As a college student, I have moved from my hometown to my first dorm room, back home, and then repeat for my second and third dorm rooms. Now I’m in an apartment, and even that’s not temporary. I move out of here next week on Friday. I have to come back in about two or three weeks and move into a different apartment. Then what? After nine months or so, I’m going to graduate – and I’ll probably have to live back with my mom until I can afford my own place or I have a job.

Moving isn’t getting any easier for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling, but traveling is different from moving. Traveling, you can go see places at your own will (usually), and then always have a home to come back to. When you’re moving, you are just changing your home. I just don’t really know where home is anymore. I want a home.

Anyway, I’ve been a little glum lately. Life feels better than it ever did during the normal school year, but I’m dreading what’s to come. I have to look on the bright side, though, right?

Like Monday, that was good. Sarah, Thom, and I rode our bikes on the Greenway again, and we stopped at The Island, where the owner, a nice old man, made us smoothies. I had a peach-strawberry one, and I think it was the best smoothie I had ever had. Also, I got a slight sunburn – so no one can complain that I never see the sun.

Also, I’m on the first sleeve of my sweater. If I’m lucky, I’ll get the entire sweater done before I leave here. I hope so. I do a lot of knitting while I watch Mad Men – which, by the way, is still amazing. I just finished season two and I’m hoping to start season three tonight. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up with my friends; they’re only a few episodes ahead of me.

As much as I hate moving (one last thing, I know), I will say that I’m excited to leave Muncie for those few weeks. I get to spend time with the family, and my boy, and I might even get the chance to drive or sleep in. I’m going to try to enjoy as much of the summer as I have left.