I’ve been working a lot this past week, keeping myself busy. I’m almost done reading Sophie’s Choice and almost done sewing my dress, and two weeks away from finishing this awful, awful class.

I met with the professor who is supervising my senior seminar project. He explained what he expected of me, I talked about what I want to write about, and he seems like an awesome guy. We got to know each other a little bit, and we talked about how cool and funny David Sedaris is, and I told him that I had actually met David Sedaris when he came to the university last year and how he signed my copy of Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

I worked for six hours yesterday, and by some crazy decision, decided to pick up Catherine’s decision for today. So, I worked from noon to 4:00, biked home to scarf down some leftover macaroni and cheese, laid on my bed, and then biked back to the library to work from 5:00 to 9:00.

My main reason reason for taking the hours was because of the money. My second reason was because Catherine was going to visit her cousin’s newborn child. I thought, hey, why not? It’s obviously important to her, despite all the hours she asks off for that I don’t take.

Well, something unexpected happened. I was in the video room, doing the VHS inventory, when Courtney came in and said I had visitors. I thought, “Eh, it’s probably my friends, come to joke around, maybe check something out from their ‘sexy librarian’ friend.”

It wasn’t. It was my grandparents, whom I haven’t seen since February, and my aunt Jeanne, Uncle Steve, and cousins Matthew and Brian whom I haven’t seen since Christmas. They came to pick Brian up for the weekend and wanted to stop by. It was fortuitous, really, that they took the chance to stop by, because usually I wouldn’t be at work on a Friday night. I would have loved to talk with them, even go to dinner with them, but my shift had just begun and I couldn’t take a break.

Anyway, Grandma gave me a bag. It had two books, one about sock knitting, and a much older one all one about crochet, and then a VHS copy of Fantasia 2000 – she knows I’ve been searching for a DVD of the original. I had to break the news to her that I might not be able to knit for a while because I have developed tendonitis and need to buy braces for both of my arms before it gets worse. She hopes I get better soon. It was really sweet to see them, and I so desired to be with them, even just to hug them, but I knew I was on the clock. Would it have been too much, to break the rules?

But then they left, and I went back to the VHS room, and I cried, the dust from the videos sticking to my jeans and hands. The rest of the shift went well, but my heart was heavy.

I go back to work tomorrow morning, 9:00.