I have enjoyed my week off, though I will admit, I didn’t get much of anything done. I didn’t even finish The Grapes of Wrath.

What I did do, however, was satisfying. Even if the last day or so was dedicated to watching the entire first season of 30 Rock.

I knit a lot, attempted a sewing project, cooked, and baked. My mom’s birthday was on Wednesday, and I made her a cheesecake, my first. Here is the result. It tastes just as amazing as it looks.

Also, Alex came to visit on Thursday. It was wonderful to see him, and he stayed for dinner, dessert, and wine. Wine that I bought it in the Loire Valley in 2007 when I went to France. I was unable to taste it for myself, as it was a school trip and the chaperons frowned upon my insistence to drink abroad. Mom and I had been saving that wine for a special occasion; my graduation came and went, mom got a new job, birthdays passed. I think we finally decided, unofficially, that waiting for the right “special” moment just didn’t seem right. Why not drink the wine when we felt like it? So thus, we drank it – for life, family, love, and the joys of summer.

I moved back up to the college town today. When we pulled in, I heard “Life During Wartime” on the radio and couldn’t help but smile at the line about peanut butter.

I’m living with my roommate from sophomore year, Jess. I have my own key and room, and it’s interesting to really be on my own. I don’t have to rely on residence hall living, and I’m truly responsible for what I do. Not that I wasn’t before, by any means, but I just feel small right now.