I figured I would just share a list of poetry I read last month to satisfy Goal #89: Read a different poem each day for a month. Most days I only had time to read one poem, since I was finishing up projects, but I would have read more if I could. I’d highly recommend trying this – it’s interesting how people differ in their works, and how they make it personal. If anything, get StumbleUpon and use it to discover new poetry when you’re bored. You’d be surprised.

Poetry Throughout the Month of April:

1st – Lucille Clifton, “Homage to My Hips”
2nd – Amiri Baraka, “Somebody Blew Up America,” “Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note,” and “A Poem for Speculative Hipsters”
3rd – Hettie Jones, “Weather,” “Lament for a Turkish Suicide Age 22,” “Hard Drive”
4th – William Blake, “The Lamb” and “The Tyger”
5th – William Wordsworth, “Daffodils”
6th – Walt Whitman, “Continuities”
7th – Charles Bukowski, “So You Want to Be a AWriter”
8th – Henry Scott Holland, “Death is Nothing at All”
9th – Robert Hayden – “Those Winter Sundays”
10th – Jorge Luis Borges, “The Just”
11th – John Keats, “On Leaving Some Friends At An Early Hour,” “A Thing Of Beauty,” “Bright Star”
12th – Diane di Prima, “Rant” and “The Belltower”
13th – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, “Solitude” and Sheenagh Pugh, “Missing Scenes”
14th – Elise Cowen, “A Skin…” “Sitting,” “Teacher – Your Body My Kabbalah,” “Emily…” “Who Will Slap…” “Death…” “Did I Go Mad…” “The Lady…”
15th – Louise Glück, “The Untrustworthy Speaker,” “The Empty Glass”
16th – Theodore Roethke, “The Storm”
17th – Martin Bæk Barksø Rasmussen, “Split Betweeen Two Girls”
18th – Pablo Neruda, “Tonight I can write the saddest lines…”
19th – William Butler Yeats, “When You are Old”
20th – Edgar Allen Poe, “A Dream Within a Dream” and Ezra Pound, “In a Station of the Metro,” “Portrait d’une Femme”
21st – Nichita Stãnescu, “A Poem,” “The Golden Age of Love,” “Season’s End,” and “Sentimental Story”
22nd – Adrienne Rich, “Diving Into the Wreck” and “In a Classroom”
23rd – Charles Bukowski, “8 Count” and “Consummation of Grief”
24th – Pablo Neruda, “Drunk as Drunk” and “Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks”
25th – Robert Thornton, “Someday”
26th – Ted Hughes, “Lovesong,” “Bride and Groom Lie Hidden for Three Days,” “Examination at the Womb-Door”
27th – Erica Mann Jong, “Parable of the Four-Poster” and Anonymous, “On Jekyll Being Nearly Thrown Down by a Small Pig”
28th – Lenore Kandel, “Hard Core Love” and “God/Love Poem”
29th – Sara Teasdale, “Faults,” “Eight O’Clock,” and “September Midnight”
30th – Mark Strand, “Keeping Things Whole,” “Eating Poetry,” “The One Song,” and “Always”