Yeah, I’ve been caught up in stuff lately, and though I’ve been meaning to post, haven’t found the time or got in bed before I had a chance to type something up.

Anyway, I had a nice Easter weekend. I worked that Saturday night, went out with the guys to celebrate Blake’s birthday, and then went to work again on Sunday morning.

Speaking of work, my friend Sarah was hired on in my area, and I’m happy for her! It’s hard to find a job, it seems, and I know she needed one. I wish the best of luck to all my other friends applying for summer jobs and internships as well.

I don’t think much else happened last week (unless you count this event that unfortunately made national news) until Friday, when I hung out at Box City. The event was held to raise homelessness awareness, and we brought cans in exchange for boxes that we could build our shelters. I  made the “Haus of Hobocore,” ate soup and drank hot chocolate. A lot of people came down and played instruments. We had a saxophone quartet, some guitars, a drum made out of a bucket, a keyboard, and a double bass. It was all a lot of fun, but around 11:30 I was shivering. It had been warm at the beginning of the week, but the temperature Friday night was down in the 30s. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay the night outside in my box, so I gave my box pieces to some girls who wanted to use them, and I went back to my room.

My aunt Jo and uncle Dave came to visit Saturday. We had gyros for lunch, watched the McKinley Mile bike race, toured downtown Muncie, walked around campus, and ate Thai food for dinner. Alex joined us for dinner; we split something called a “sleeping banana” (which is what most people call a fried banana, apparently?) for dessert, and it was quite interesting.

I think it was a fun visit with my aunt and uncle, and it’s a shame I couldn’t spend some more time with them. They went to visit my mom for the night, though, and I sent them back with a bunch of my stuff – including my crate of yarn, in which the yarn became cushioning for my DVD player…

Alex and I watched Drag Me to Hell, or at least half of it. Alex just wasn’t feeling it, but I don’t think he’s as big a Sam Raimi fan as I am. I love that goofy stuff, it’s hilarious.

Sunday, I practiced driving and then later ate dinner and played Stoner Fluxx with the guys (sans the illegal rules, of course). I won two out of three games.

Classes are going well this week, and the weather’s nice. I have the doom and gloom of three 8-10 page papers, among other assignments, hanging over my head, but I’m still feeling good! Woo!