Okay, it’s March. Late March.

I wore a skirt yesterday. It was pretty outside.

Today, it rained a cold rain, and tonight, it snowed.

Snow? What the hell?

Anyway, last week was difficult. I was having a hard time making the transition from my nice break to the normal rhythm of school. I really wanted to go home, and I called my mom again, upset.

However, I can say that things are getting better. Life is good! I mean, really, it’s good! I just have to get past all the sad feelings I’ve felt so often as of late.

This week, I have enjoyed:

  • Playing Arkham Horror until 2:00 a.m.
  • Driving practice, including an extended trip to Daleville.
  • Watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Alex, even though we have six more discs of the second season, and five whole seasons after that to get through.
  • Getting all my assignments done on time and NOT freaking out!
  • Reading ahead in my classes, and reading things I enjoy.
  • Praise from Dr. Bogue for my fiction piece and my in-class discussion points.
  • Warm weather that allowed me to walk to Hobby Lobby and wear aforementioned skirt.
  • Starting a new knitting project, which consequently kept me warm tonight.
  • Watching classic movies on my own time.
  • Receiving a letter from my grandparents.
  • Receiving a surprise package from my aunt and uncle, including homemade chocolate chip cookies and Girl Scout cookies.
  • Watching Animal Planet with my “wife,” Ruu.
  • Dancing to the Talking Heads.
  • Donating blood (I filled the blood donation bag in five minutes!)
  • Spending time with friends…

… and just generally, the feeling of being happy. I like that. May the sun shine, may it get warmer, may life continue to be good and may myself learn to be comfortable with where I’m going and where I am right now.