Yeah, that’s how this week has been. A nice descent into Hell and back, but I guess that’s how the week before spring break should be.

Monday, I worked, went to class, and didn’t do much else besides homework and finished my first mitten. It’s comfy and warm and – oh look, I’m going to finish my mittens just in time for the warm spring weather!

Tuesday, I had more work, and then Alex drove me to Pendleton to get my suitcase, since I needed one for our trip – oh yeah, I’m actually going somewhere this year! I forgot to mention that! We didn’t hang out because he was tired and I was tired, and I did more homework (and played Peggle Nights).

Wednesday, I was supposed to have a group meeting, but things were messed up so I was waiting for my guys at 9:30, but they never showed. I later found out that “Reply to All” had not been hit, so that botched things up. Oh well, I did more homework and waited around for lunch. I went to class, had a meeting with one of my professors, went to the class of the professor I just talked to, had our short group meeting, went to dinner, and then went to another class. Woo. I got back, and Ryn invited me to IHOP, and I was going to decline, but Teddy said he’d buy me pancakes. I don’t turn down free pancakes. The three of us were joined by Pete, Laura, Lemmy, and Mia, and it was a lot of fun except I think the coffee I drank messed up my stomach, and I’ve felt nauseated and had a scratchy throat since I woke up on Thursday. I hope I’m not getting sick again. That would so piss me off.

Thursday was a bit better, and I actually got to see Alex. Sort of. He came over, and we were watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but I fell asleep. He woke me up and went to dinner, and I felt bad for falling asleep because I haven’t spent much time with him this week. However, we’re going to see each other a lot in the next week or so, and the space is probably necessary.

Today has been decent. I couldn’t sleep last night and only got four hours, maybe. I had a midterm in my first class, and I swear, I was hysterical and shaking. I need this break more than people realize. I am insane. I had never laughed so much in my other class, either. I loved my professor’s comments about margaritas, and how we weren’t supposed to be drinking until after we turned in our big paper (I’ve done it! Finally!).

Anyway, now I’m done with classes, and it’s time for me to go and pack. I’m going on a grand adventure with Alex, Sarah, Thom, Chris, Nick, and Blake to North Carolina. We’re leaving tonight between 8:00 and 10:00, and then we’re going to crash at my house the night before we come back to the dorms. I have vowed not to take my laptop with me because I really need to unplug for a while. I just can’t wait to be somewhere warm, relax, have some fun, and just be me for a while, without the insanity and stress of school.

So with that… adieu!

(And if I don’t write after I get back, I might be dead. Just saying.)