I didn’t get to participate two years ago when Ravelry started their “Ravelympics” competition, so this year, I was jumping at the chance. I was knitting on behalf of “Team UKnitversity,” which was organized by one of the college groups I’m in. I’m quite proud at the results.

At first, I was going to do the insanely popular “Bella’s Mittens” because to be honest, even though I hate Twilight, I like the design, and I currently only have one pair of gray holey dollar mittens to combat winter cold. But then I discovered that it uses magic loop, and I was confused. So then I went the other project I wanted to do, a simple lace shrug to cover my tank tops and spaghetti strap dresses (I linked it in my previous entry). It’s laughable that I thought I could do both in two weeks with all the stuff I’ve been doing lately. I just settled for this.

I finished it yesterday. It’s a bit baggy, but it’s still pretty. Ta-da!