So, anyway, as you know, we had that snow on Friday. It was nuts, and I had to go walk out in it some more. My boots can pretty much get me across any terrain, except ice. I loved being able to jump into knee-deep drifts of snow to get somewhere – and no, that isn’t sarcasm, that’s a fact. I felt like a mountain woman (hear me roar!).

Alex, Sarah, Thom, Nick, and I went to see the ABSO Improv show. It was the first time I had gone to one of those, and I laughed so much. I don’t think I’ve done that in a while, and it was nice. We came back to my room and hung out for a little bit. I appreciate that they did so, considering they had to walk all the way across campus to their dorm in that crappy weather.

I had to work on Saturday, and it was quite peaceful to walk across campus in a white world left untouched by everyone else. It was almost post-apocalyptic silent – it was haunting and beautiful.

Work went all right, and then I did some reading and homework. I took a nap, and woke up to my mom’s phone call. Because of an unplowed road, she ended up abandoning her car on the side of the road and walking a quarter-mile to her work. The car was towed, and she lost her cell phone in the snow. She was able to reclaim the car on Monday, but she was vehicle-less the rest of the weekend, and she had to order a new cell phone. Needless to say, we’ve had a bit of bad luck recently.

I hung out a little bit with Alex after my nap; I feel like most of the time he was playing a game and I was reading Ender’s Game, but we were okay with that. We were mainly waiting for 10:00 to roll around so he, Geldes, Blake, and I could visit “Victor’s Gyros and Pancake House.” Apparently, it had just opened, and the owner was actually there, serving us. I had pancakes, the guys had gyros, they had Cokes and water and I had coffee – three cups of coffee, at that. We had fun, and the food was good. I’ll totally go back.

Oh, and Alex got his car stuck going into the parking lot of Victor’s. We spent about ten minutes getting it unstuck, and he had left the shovel behind. I carried it in with me, and the owner thought it was a funny sight.

The night ended rather disappointingly, but things are okay now.

Alex’s parents came to visit, and they took us out to lunch at Greek’s Pizzeria. Alex had never been before, which I thought was surprising. The pizza was awesome, as usual. It was good to see his parents, and they brought us a Super Bowl cake that had a football on it, and then a horseshoe on one side and a fleur-de-lis on the other. They also gave Alex and I Valentine’s Day candy. Lots of it. We’re going to get sick on candy.

Sunday was also this little thing called the Super Bowl. I watched it with Geldes and Tanner in the common room, since we were supporting the Saints in Colts’ territory, and we decided to hide. I was afraid of how the game was going to turn out, and I was afraid of the ridicule. During the first half, I’d go into Alex’s room, where he was playing a computer game, and I’d be all mopey and say, “We’re losing!” The common room was packed to watch the Who, and we were not disappointed. After that, Alex left with everyone else who wasn’t interested in the game for downstairs; they played Arkham Horror.


You bet I was excited. Hugs, phone calls, and dancing. Lots of dancing. I ran to where they were playing the board game and danced around, saying, “Look at that! We won! We won! Who dat!” When I talked to my dad, he asked me, “So you believe?” And I said, “Yeah, I believe in the power of Brees-us!”

It was good. I’m not going to lie. I would love to be in New Orleans right now, because you had better believe that party is going to go on well to and through Mardi Gras.

I had to work on Monday, and my grandma and grandpa on my dad’s side came to visit. They met me after my one class of the day and took me to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. They also brought me peanut butter blossoms. I forgot how great those cookies were. I was just happy to see my grandparents. I felt so special.

I also had work on Tuesday morning, but my fiction writing class was cancelled, so I didn’t have much to do. I met with my old roommate, Jess, and saw her apartment. Her boyfriend is graduating, and he’ll be gone for the summer, and since I need a place to stay in Muncie while I work (and possibly take classes), I’ll be taking his room. We hadn’t seen each other in a long while, so it was great to catch up with Jess. I can’t wait to live with her again.

The rest of my day would have been all well and good, had it not been for the stupid broken washer on our floor. I had no clothes left, and all the other washers in the building were either broken or in use. I resorted to waking up at 7:00 this morning to wash my clothes on the floor below. I’m lucky I didn’t have work or class early, or else I’d be wearing very smelly clothes.

The rest of my day’s been all right, but I’m tired. I did finish another knitting project, though, and I’m quite proud of myself. However, I need to do some book-cracking this weekend, hardcore. I might have to ask Alex to hide my knitting bag, though it won’t be too bad. At least I don’t have to work, but I hear we’re supposed to get even more snow…