Winter is back with a vengeance in the lovely city of Muncie.

It wasn’t snowing when I walked to work at 6:50 this morning, but when I left the library at 10:30, large snowflakes were quickly falling – beautiful.

But now, it’s pretty nasty. I left my building to go to my 3:00 class and was instantly disoriented, blinded. Snowflakes stuck to my glasses, eyelashes, and eyebrows. I had to take my glasses off, walking with eyes mostly shut. The hair out of my hood was matted with ice.

My coat was white. My mittens, wet. The crosswalk signs were crusted with snow, making it hard to tell how much time I had left to cross. The sidewalks were and still are slippery – that is, if you can tell where the sidewalk is.

For the record, I still had to go to my class. And this weekend, I work. I would love just to stay inside all weekend where it’s nice and dry. That would be great.