A few times when I visited my Aunt Jo and Uncle Dave, my aunt took me to a pottery-painting place. It has since then closed, but I still liked taking the chance to make a standard ceramic item into something I could treasure.

I found out that we have a place like that in Muncie called The Artist Within. I wanted to go there sometime last semester, but I didn’t have much time. Finally, during finals week, I had a whole day free, and I took a trip down there. They were doing a special for students, so my studio fee was waived, and I had a coupon. Anyway, I spent three hours and painted two tiles. I picked them up when I got back to school after break.

The text is from e.e. cumming’s “I carry your heart with me.” I didn’t write the text myself, but I tried once – and messed up. You can’t tell now, but I did. I think they look really nice, and I’d like to go back and paint some more pottery sometime.