I have been meaning to post recently, but I guess I got caught up in the beginning of the new semester, so I haven’t exactly thought about writing.

It is nice to be back at fifteen credit hours; I haven’t had the luxury of that since my first semester. I never want to go back to eighteen hours; so unfortunately, I think summer school is in the cards. My major is really just stressing me out, despite the drop in hours. I love the English, but I am rather apprehensive about the teaching. It is a little too far for me to change my mind, though, it seems. Alex and I have both been thinking about life after college. I think we both are just trying to find happiness, and presently, we are a little afraid of what the future holds.

My classes are going moderately well, I’d say. I’m taking an educational psychology class that is somewhat interesting, and then a class about teaching writing in middle and secondary schools, and honestly, it’s a snooze. However, the rest of my classes balance out – I’ve got a fiction writing class that I’m taking with Lauren, and we criticize our classmates; a gender-issues class that’s all about the Beats, and we have already read Kerouac and Ginsberg; and then I have a young adult literature class taught by one of my favorite, most helpful professors. The young adult lit class is my first (and hopefully only) night class, and we just finished reading The Book Thief – it is INCREDIBLE.

Work is also going well, despite some of the problems with co-workers not discharging or misplacing items, but I’m not getting further into that. I get to have every other Saturday off, and though at first I wasn’t sure how it was going to be, but I love it. I’m actually off this weekend, and I’m glad – I have a paper over Ginsberg that I have to write, and it’s freaking me out. I at least have some time to sort it out.

Besides class, assignments, and my work at the library, I have an adequate amount of free time. I have wanted to find time to work out, but I have been lacking motivation. Instead, I have watched the entire second season of The Big Bang Theory, knit a giraffe, worked on my blanket, and had the opportunity to hang out with my friends (and actually celebrate my bar-legal status!)

Some big things have been happening for me as well. Last Sunday, Ruu, Faryn, Jessi, and I signed a lease. It should be a nice apartment, It will be cheaper, I will be able to cook, share a bathroom with only three other girls, not have to worry about stupid girls on my floor (it’s pure hell), and I still get to have my own room! Also, I have applied to student teaching, and my interview is next week. I hope it goes well. I want to stay in the city so I can continue my lease with the girls, but if I have to leave, I hope I will be close enough to where I can just stay at my house with Mom.

Perhaps the thing I’m most excited about is learning to drive. After five years of (half-assed) attempts, failed tests, expired permits, and extreme anxiety, I’m kicking myself into gear. I need this license. No more excuses. I explained my issues with Alex, and he’s been so helpful. He’s never had a problem with driving; it comes naturally to him, so he hasn’t had the easiest time trying to teach me, but he’s making a great effort. Over the past week, we’ve been out to practice three times, despite the snow and ice. He says I’m getting better.

I’ll try to post again soon, but as you can tell, I have been quite occupied. But that’s what happens when you’re living.

(By the way, how about them Saints? I’m living in Colts territory and I’ll probably get my ass kicked, but I couldn’t think of a better match for the Super Bowl. It should be exciting!)