I was wondering, at first, how this 101 Goals project would turn out, but then I decided I would just jump right into it. I chose something I thought would be simple, so that when I finished it, I would be motivated to do more. So this is the first, and I am in the process of completing more of my goals!

This goal, #26, was to complete a crossword puzzle every day for a month, whether it was in the newspaper or online, as I did sometimes. I did them in the morning, throughout the day (sometimes during class), or right before I went to bed. The reason why I set this goal was to improve my vocabulary and solving skills. I think it worked, I felt better as I completed them, and as the month went on, it became easier to finish crosswords because a lot of the same answers are used, especially if they are short or have odd letters.

And even though December, my “Crossword Puzzle” month is over, I haven’t stopped completing them. They are fun, and they boost my confidence. Mission accomplished, I’d say!