I enjoyed my last few days before moving back to Muncie. I worked on my dress and got it (mostly) finished. I hope I’ll be able to go back home sometime and finish it. I’d love to wear it.

My grandparents came to visit, and on Friday they surprised me with a cake that said “Good Luck Sam” on it. Unfortunately, I have stated clearly that I do not wish to be back at Muncie. I have many reasons for how I feel, but I’d rather not get into that. Anyway, my grandparents’ sentiments made me feel a little better, but perhaps made me even more sad about things.

I moved into my dorm last Saturday to help out on our Opening Committee. We spend the week decorating the lounge, putting up door decorations, and finally, moving all the incoming freshman (and some returning students) into the dorm. Moving up to my room was a bit challenging, considering that my room is on the fourth floor again (along with all the other Opening Committee girls) and the elevator was broken.

I really like my room. It’s a single, so I don’t have to worry about a roommate. I have a lot of space, and I can pretty much do whatever the hell I want. Oh yeah.

So we all moved in, and Lemmy and Dom helped us out. Mom, Grandma, and Grandpa left and went to dinner. I would have gone too, but Dom’s dad cooked dinner for us – barbeque chicken and corn-on-the-cob – and it was very good. I had the chance to unpack a little bit, walked through the recently renovated guy’s first floor bathroom, and then we had a meeting. After the meeting, Jason, Teddy, and I went grocery shopping for the Opening Committee’s breakfast. We returned and put the milk and juice in Tony’s apartment and found him, a full-grown man, trying to rid his apartment of a moth. He apparently isn’t much of a ‘nature’ guy. Teddy came in and captured the moth (looking like a cat while doing so), and went to free it outside. Well, Tony’s back door was open, but the screen door to the porch wasn’t. He tried to run outside and ended up busting the screen door out because he didn’t know it was there! Oh my god. So hilarious.

Sunday, we were downstairs bright and early to work on decorating the lounge. Most of our time was spent working on bulletin boards since all the art supply stores (namely Hobby Lobby) were closed on Sunday. Teddy, Pete, and I stuffed rooms with phone books and CO/AC cables. It was somewhat sad to go into some of the rooms, though, because I knew who had lived in them before and that the people weren’t coming back to the same dorm. It just isn’t the same anymore. It never was last year either, I guess.

We had a big dinner sort-of thing with the RAs and the Accelerate Students (freshmen who moved in early to help out). I needed to take pictures for my bulletin board, so Faryn and I skipped out on the icebreakers after dinner to do so. I love crazy adventure time! We nearly died, seethed about roundabouts, and I jumped out in a flash and ran around taking pictures. I finished my board after midnight, but I think it went well.

Monday, I worked on spray-painting bushes with Elysia, and painting a Phoenix Wright – inspired wall mural with Dom (it’s pretty sweet). Cassie and I got really frustrated at one member of the committee for being very lazy and doing sloppy work, but overall, things went well.

Tuesday, Elysia and I finished our bushes, and we actually got everything decorated and set for Wednesday rather early. We busted out the hall’s Rock Band and played for a few hours to celebrate.

Wednesday was our first move-in day. We met a lot of new people, and it was sort of fun. We did have a few problems, and it is unbelievable what some people – girls and boys both – bring to college. There were two guys who had two large televisions and a lot more stuff, and then they wanted to fit a large couch into their teeny tiny room. I had to go downstairs and break it to one of the guy’s grandmas who was waiting on the couch that we refused to move the couch up until they found room for it. But she was very understanding, and she was so happy when I brought her a bottle of water.

The weather was all very nice during move-in on Wednesday until the last shift from 4:00 to 5:00. I was out working carts, and it started to rain. And then that rain became a typhoon. I unloaded the back of a pick-up truck in ankle-deep water, with rain pounding on my back, the water running into my eyes, blinding me, and every article of clothing suctioned to my skin. It was crazy. Then it stopped raining towards the end of my shift, and I had Lauren (my neighbor) go to my room and get me a towel. There was no way I was going to go into my room with how soaked I was.

We had a program scheduled Wednesday night – a scavenger hunt – but only one team showed up. Apparently our program was supposed to be at 9:00, but we didn’t know that. So the RAs whipped up a game night, and I went downstairs for a bit and met some people, but I didn’t stay long. How could someone expect to go and socialize at a program when we were exhausted and sore and had to get up the next morning and do it all over again?

Thursday went smoothly – in fact, it was amazing. No problems whatsoever. That night we had a program where we showed Clue and Inspector Gadget, but I only stayed for the first movie. I was so tired.

I woke up today (or I guess, technically yesterday) later than I have all week, and I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30. I went to the library with Cassie and returned items we had checked out for our programs, and then we went to the Village to find textbooks. I grabbed a salad from the Atrium for lunch, and then Elysia, Jessi, Lauren (Jessi’s roommate, not my neighbor – it’s a little confusing in text, I know) ran some errands. I came back and worked on putting together my room. The girls came over and we watched American Psycho. It was a good time. I liked hanging out with them.

After dinner, I retreated to my room and cleaned it up a bit. I think I’ll vacuum tomorrow. I definitely need to keep this room neat and orderly. I read and knit a little tonight. It’s nice, though a little strange, to be by myself so much.

Anyway, tomorrow Alex moves in and hopefully I’ll get to have some fun before I have to go back to the ol’ grindstone of classes and work on Monday.