Since I am back at school and classes start in two days, I figured I would just summarize what I did during (not quite) three months since the spring semester ended.

I worked a lot at Educational Resources.
I slept on Lemmy and Dom’s couch.
I survived on bagels. Lots and lots of bagels.
I spent a lot of nights with Alex, but we had some good times when we both weren’t busy.
I played an unsuccessful campaign of Shadowrun.
I broke the baby toe on my left foot.
I took the writing competency exam and the Praxis I – giving me the ability to graduate and go on to higher level education courses.
I watched the first season of the Big Bang Theory, the entire series of Arrested Development, and most of the series of Sliders.
I baked honey-peanut butter cookies, peach cookies, and blueberry-goat cheese muffins.
I made a kusudama flower ball.
I visited my dad, Cindy, David, and Alex as they made their transition to their new house in Kentucky.
I knit:
* A bag for my former roommate, Jess
* Two hats
* A scarf
* A cowl
* A saber-toothed lime
* …and started a sweater.
I (mostly) made a dress.
I read:
* Go Ask Alice (reread)
* Frankenstein
* Dracula
* Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
* The Picture of Dorian Gray
* Peter Pan
* The Bell Jar
* On the Road
* Pygmy
* Catcher in the Rye (reread)
* The Jungle
* Catch-22
* Slaughter-House Five
* A Brief History of Time
* Walden
* The Fountainhead
* Night
* Into the Wild
* Cat’s Cradle
* Franny and Zooey
* Dandelion Wine

So, as you can tell by this, I like making lists (a lot) and you know what I was doing the majority of this summer…