I’ve been keeping busy at my house in Pendleton since I got back from visiting my relatives, if you haven’t noticed. I’m enjoying myself immensely. Mom and I did an intense cleaning session of our house since it hasn’t had that at all since we moved in about four (?) years ago. Sunday (the 2nd) we cleaned the family room. Monday, it was the living room and the bathrooms. Tuesday, it was the kitchen, but I think Mom did most of that. Wednesday, we took a break. Alex and I went down to Indianapolis and had lunch at a greasy spoon type of diner, and then just hung out.

Thursday, I cleaned my room. The last time it was cleaned was last summer, but Mom typically dumps whatever she takes back from her visits to Muncie in my room on the floor. Things pile up. I sorted through everything, and I ended up spending six hours in my room. I became enraged when I found items that were actually my mom’s in my room. In fact, after six hours, I was just plain tired and bitchy. I’m glad it’s over, though, and – hey! – I actually have a bedroom now!

Saturday was an annual cookout-get-together-thing my friends and I have done called the “Cornucopia of Love.” This was the third year for it, and the smallest turnout by far. I have a feeling this is the last “Cornucopia.” There were so many people last year, and it was a lot of fun, but now we’ve all grown apart. There’s a lot of drama with certain folks that make them not want to attend, or some people just don’t feel like seeing some of their old friends because they’ve made a lot more, and cooler, friends. Others, of course, had prior engagements, which is understandable. I don’t know. People have changed. I know I have too. Honestly, I didn’t even want to attend. I told Alex he didn’t have to attend if he didn’t want to, but he said he would. Despite my want for isolation and my animosity towards the gathering, I went, and it was all right. But times and people have changed, and there really is no turning back.

Alex and I left the gathering around 8:30, and then Teddy arrived around 10:30. He wanted to go see people at the “Cornucopia,” so we went back to Jennifer’s house. Everyone left as soon as we arrived, and then we hung out with Jennifer until 1:30. I was exhausted when we got back.

Sunday, Teddy and I went swimming at Brown’s pool. I haven’t been there in several years. So many, in fact, that the last time I was there I wasn’t old enough for the hourly fifteen-minute adult swim break. Now, it seems I was one of the only people at the pool who has breasts and isn’t over the age of thirty, and Teddy and I towered over all the other patrons under the age of thirty. We had fun though, and then just hung out around my house for the rest of the day. Teddy read my copy of Watchmen during his visit, and now he wants to watch the movie, though I tell him it’s terrible.

We ended up going back to Jennifer’s on Sunday evening and played board games with her. Austin and Robin came over and hung out too, and it was nice.

Monday, Teddy and I loafed about my house and then went to the mall and Goodwill. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything. Teddy stayed for dinner, and then he left around 7:30 to go visit Faryn. Mom and I watched The Soloist, and I took a break from knitting my sweater – yes, I am crazy enough to knit a sweater in the August heat – to knit a lime. Not just any lime, but a saber-toothed lime! Yes, I play Kingdom of Loathing, and I’m proud of it. Pictures of said lime will be posted sometime, I promise.

Tuesday, Mom and I did some errands, I watched Burn After Reading and Persepolis, burned my left pinky finger on a hot iron, and cut out the pieces for my dress. Hopefully I’ll have some of my dress done before I go back to school. It probably won’t happen though, honestly.

I’ve also been playing the Apollo Justice game that Alex let me borrow, and I finished it this morning and was able to return his DS and his games to him after goodness knows how many months. I’m just glad he’s patient.

Anyway, we went to the State Fair today. Did you know they have chocolate covered bacon? It’s called “Pigs in the Mud.” It looked like a piece of beef jerky from a few yards off, but no, I did not try one. My stomach said no to that – but regrettably, it said yes to a bloomin’ onion and fried green tomatoes from a stand called “Dr. Vegetable” which Alex and I found amusing. My stomach also said yes to a lemon shake-up and pineapple sorbet, but those were more acceptable than deep-fried vegetables (or deep-fried anything, for that matter).

We saw some cows, saw some horses, saw some donkeys, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, and sheep. I loved the sheep. They were cute. There was some handspun, hand dyed yarn for sale near where the sheep were, and Alex watched me fawn over and weigh the decision for buying some of the yarn. However, my resolve was strong and I did not buy any – but I know what to look for next year at the State Fair!

We saw a lot of neat things going on at the fair, and I had a really good time. We completed our circle with the Midway. The rides didn’t really hold much interest for either of us, especially with how overpriced the fair is, but I wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel. It’s been a while since I’ve been on one, and it was a nice end to our visit.

Alex and I went back to his house afterwards and hung out for a while. We both ended up taking a short nap because we were so tired. I found out that I have a lovely blister on one of my toes and a scathing sunburn on my back, but that’s perfectly all right. Today is the last day I’ll see Alex for a while – I’m guessing until he moves in on the 22nd – unless he surprises me.

My maternal grandparents are going to visit us for the last few days of my time here. They’re arriving tomorrow afternoon and will be helping me move into my room on Saturday. I just don’t want to go back yet. I’ve only been out of Muncie for a few weeks. I feel like kicking and screaming and shoving my head under a pillow all at once. No fair. Summer’s over. Another hellish semester looms menacingly before me.