I did not intend to wait so long to update, but it just happened that way. Honestly, the past two weeks have been full of work, work, work, but now I’m finally out of the dungeon of Bracken Library and I have about two or three weeks of summer to enjoy. Now, let’s see, what have I been up to?

Saturday, the 11th, Alex and I had a date night. We usually do things together on Saturday evenings, but it had been a while since we had done an actual ‘date’. I wore a pretty blue new halter top and new jeans, and instead of our normal dinner-out fare, we went to Thai Smile, which is, as the name suggests, is a Thai restaurant. I have only ever been to one other Thai restaurant before (which I love), so I wanted to try this one. It looks seedy on the outside, and it is right next to a Family Video and a gas station, but the food was delicious! I had panang curry with chicken, and I do believe I fell in love with the dish. We had plenty of leftovers, and they brought us fresh rice to take home and a microwavable container for my curry – so awesome.

After dinner, Alex suggested doing our “Cats and Custard” routine, but we were both too full to do it right after dinner. We ended up at the mall, where we only went to the bookstore. Alex found a book, and I did too – they had a copy of David Sedaris’s Holidays on Ice on sale, and since I only had Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, I didn’t see a problem with picking it up.

Alex and I did “Cats and Custard,” and we saw the goofiest-looking cat named “Foofie,” and the combination made me laugh loudly in the middle of Petsmart, and, on remembering the cat a few days later, made me laugh so hard I cried and couldn’t breathe. In all seriousness however, if I was not a college student living in the dorms and I could have a pet, I would definitely adopt a cat, even if it were the weirdest-looking cat in the store.

We returned to Alex’s room and watched Valkyrie, which I had reserved at the library for the weekend. It was all right. The history was interesting, but you know, Hitler and Nazi Germany isn’t the most uplifting topic for a film.

We had a lovely night, and I stayed over. Sunday, I finished reading The Jungle, Lemmy’s dad came to visit and I watched his dog, “Star,” while they went to lunch. I watched some Sliders, and later Greg came over. I stayed the night with Alex, and worked in the morning on Monday.

Monday night was frustrating. I was working on my latest knitting project, a cowl with a heart-lace pattern, when I heard a snap. My size eight interchangeable needles broke. The screw attaching them to the cable broke inside the needles. I wanted to cry about that, and then I could not sleep. I went to work on Tuesday, and as soon as I got out of work, I went to Hobby Lobby. I found replacement needles, but I could not find a replacement cable – they had all the other sizes but the fourteen-inch ones (as I found out when I had to return one of the cables on Wednesday). I also found some point protectors, which are useful because I travel with my knitting projects, usually.

I got back to campus and read Catch-22 for an hour, and then I had dinner with Austin, Katie, and one of Austin’s friends and her sister at Greeks. It had been a while since I had been there, but the pizza was as good as usual.

As I mentioned before, I had to make a second trip to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday, but I did not buy anything. I came back to the house and finished Catch-22, which I thought was a rather awful book.

On Friday, Alex went home for the night, and on Saturday, I switched shifts with Tehillah and worked from noon to 6:30. I had a lunch break around 2:15 and I walked down to the MT Cup and had a blueberry bagel and a vanilla spiced chai. The weather was unusually cool for July, as it has been, so the chai was nice to have. It was odd working two extra hours, but I made more money and Destiny is nice to work with. We weren’t really that busy, anyway.

Alex came back, and I went to his place after work. He brought dinner from his favorite Chinese place, Yen Ching, since he kept telling me he would have to introduce me to it sometime. We had Princess Chicken and it was nice and spicy. We watched The Tudors and cuddled, and around 11:00, a craving hit me. I have a horrible sweet tooth, as some may or may not realize, and all of a sudden, I wanted a milkshake. So, Alex and I went to Steak ‘N’ Shake and had milkshakes!

Sunday, I went back to the house and watched Sliders and finished reading Slaughter-House Five. It was my first taste of Vonnegut, and I found that I liked it. I walked to the library after dinner, and I picked out books to fulfill the rest of my summer reading – eight books, and they wouldn’t be due until the day after I move back in at Ball State. My bag was huge and heavy, and though I knitted it strongly, I was afraid it would break. I called Alex to see if I could come visit. He said I could, and when I showed up with my bag, he asked me if I wanted him to drive me back home. I said yes, without a doubt. Greg left the house, and though we did not talk much during his visit, it was good to see him, and I know he had a good time. Later, Lemmy and I watched Love Actually, as he wanted me to bring it up, and we finally had time to watch it together, and it was fun.

Monday’s day of work was terrible. I could not get out of there fast enough. I sat in the house, reading, when I received a text from Austin. He was bored and wanted to hang out, and he came over. Camilla owns Enchanted, I had never seen it, and so we watched that. Dom and Adam came back to the house towards the beginning of the movie, and even though they were making fun of it at first, they watched the whole thing with us. Camilla came home and couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen it, although I think she was more amused that of the four people watching Enchanted, only one of them was female. After it was over, we watched The Lion King, and we could remember the songs and how awesome it was when we were kids, and lamented about how Disney does not make good hand-drawn movies anymore. Also, while we were watching movies, I finished my kusudama flower ball, and for just being yellow copy paper, glue, and ribbon, it looks so pretty! I can’t wait to hang it in my room.

I had another sucky day of work on Tuesday, but I finished reading A Brief History of Time and I went over to Alex’s room and we finally finished the first season of The Tudors. That made me feel better.

Work on Wednesday wasn’t bad. We celebrated Abdalla’s birthday, which was actually on Sunday, and I got out of work and my mom was already up in Muncie. We went to Pendleton for my last time home until next Sunday, and it was nice. I did laundry and baked peach cookies (which don’t actually taste like peaches, unfortunately), reading Walden between baking each sheet of cookies. I didn’t get into bed until 2:00, but I slept deeply.

Thursday was good. I got a haircut, since the Muncie water did some extreme damage to my hair. I’d really wish my hair was longer, but I told Heather to cut off all the damaged hair, and that was about three inches worth. Now, my hair is chin length, and it’s weird, but at least it dries quickly. We did a little shopping (only because of free promotions and coupons, though), and I got a new mattress pad, laundry hamper, cutting board, and square silicon baking pan.

At home, I also watched the rest of Harpers Island and played Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations. Mom and I went to Target, where I was able to find a pair of plain black flip-flops to replace my old ones. Mind you, the old ones I had were about four or five years old and were worn so thin I could feel every rock I stepped on as I walked down the street, so I was excited to get the new ones.

On the way back to Muncie, I finished the Phoenix Wright game – after about four months after I started it. Yeah, I know. Lame.

I got back to the house and found that I couldn’t open the kitchen door because David was sitting there. It was poker night, and I hadn’t known. I really didn’t want to ask Alex if I could stay the night, as I knew he had finals in the morning, but I had to work at 7:00. I called him, and he told me, “I want to say no, but I know you have to sleep.” What a sweet boyfriend. I owe him for this instance. It really helped me out.

Work went well on Friday, and I ate lunch at the house and had a really good conversation with Lemmy. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to find a simple skirt pattern, but nothing satisfied me. Alex called me, and he picked me up from there. We went to the house and hung out, and then we went to dinner at Scotty’s with David, Juli, and Mike. We went to Mike’s apartment and watched movies. It was fun. I felt sad that we didn’t do it more often.

Alex took me back to the house, and we had to say goodbye. I know breaks are necessary, but it is strange for me. We have seen each other almost every day this summer, and before that, every day during the school year. I cannot remember the last time we have gone a week without seeing each other. This summer has been so different from last summer, when I was in Alabama for two months and it was difficult.. It was just strange to say goodbye.

Work on Saturday went well. I finished Walden and began The Fountainhead. After my shift, Grandma and Grandpa picked me up and we picked up my belongings from the house and said goodbye to Lemmy. It was sad. I had lunch with my grandparents, and then we left Muncie.

We arrived in Richmond around 3:00, and an hour later, Dad, Cindy, David, and Alex showed up. I think I talked everyone’s ears off. Aunt Jeanne came over, and we all went to dinner at Applebees for dinner. Except for some behavior problems with my brothers, I would say it was a good night.

I called Alex to see how moving out of Shively went and how he liked being home, and then I went to bed and slept soundly. Dad woke me up around 8:00, I had a shower, and I had breakfast. Grandma made pigs-in-a-blanket and scrambled eggs. It was so nice to have a big breakfast and not run off to work afterwards (although I don’t usually work on Sundays). We left a little after 9:30 and arrived at Dad and Cindy’s apartment around 12:30. It is small, but it is only temporary. They will have the new house in a week or so. Unfortunately, there is still the fact that it is small, and while I am visiting, I will be sleeping in the bottom bunk in my brothers’ room. Alex (my youngest brother – not my boyfriend) is on the top bunk, and David is on the floor. I do believe it will be a most interesting visit…