This week has gone by so fast. The days, hours, minutes, they just drip away. Like now, I am looking at the clock, it is almost 9:30 in the evening, and I think, “When did that happen?” I cannot believe I have been up since 6:00 this morning.

Not much has happened this week, though. I worked. Today, I fell off my bike while riding to work.

Work was boring, though I switched up my availability for the next semester and switched shifts with Tehillah for next Saturday. That means I am working from noon until 6:30, but I guess it is nice because I am going to get more hours. I only have two more weeks up here, anyway.

When I left, I was so excited to get out of work, I forgot to take off my name badge.

I started making a Kusudama flower ball, and I cannot wait until it is complete. I only have four more flowers to make, and then I can construct the whole thing.

My day off was yesterday, and I met Mike for lunch at Jimmy John’s. I saw David go into the Pita Pit across the street, so we went over and hung out with him. It was cool, and then it started to rain. I walked to the White Rabbit and started to look at some books, but decided against browsing after a few minutes and picked up a peach smoothie from the MT Cup.

I started watching Sliders on Hulu. I used to watch it after school because it was on when I got home and afterward, The X-Files was on. If it was not Sliders, it was Quantum Leap (which is also on Hulu). Hulu has it up through the third season, which looks about the time the show got crappy. Anyway, in the past two days, I have gone through twelve episodes, I think. One of them was unavailable due to copyright issues. I know, that is a large amount of episodes in a short period. I am going nuts. I love it, though.

At the house, when I am not watching Sliders, I am working on finishing the third Phoenix Wright game. I have finally made it to the final case – I am so excited!

As for reading, I finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas today. What a trip. It was crazy. Next is Catcher in the Rye, and then I picked up three books today against my better judgment – Catch-22, Slaughter-House Five, and The Jungle – we will see if I get them read before I have to leave Muncie. The guy at the counter commented on my choices, and I explained that I was an English major that did not usually have time to read much of the “Classics,” so I was trying to catch up.

Tonight has not been the best night. It is so dark and quiet, and I am a little lonely. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be better, as always.