I’ve had a lovely, well-deserved break, and I’m all ready to talk about it!

Last Tuesday night was Poker Night up in Muncie. I knew they were going to have it in Muncie, but I was unaware that it was to be Tuesday. I had to get up at 7:00 for work the next morning, though, so I went to Alex’s room for the night.

Work went well, I finished reading On the Road, and then about an hour later, I was on my way back to Pendleton. Mom and I went to the library, where we picked up movies and I picked up Chuck Palahniuk’s newest book, Pygmy. When we were leaving the library, a girl on a bike struck our car. No damage to the car or any of us, but the girl seemed to have whiplash. She was not wearing a helmet and she explained that her brakes were not working – hence the reason why she hit our car. It is horrible that they were just letting the brakes stay a problem and allow this girl to continue riding her bike, since she could have been seriously injured, or even killed.

Mom and I came home, cooked dinner (Tasty food!) and watched Factory Girl. We also argued about our plans. Mom wanted to go see the new Egypt exhibit, including some of King Tutankhamen’s treasures, at the Children’s Museum, and I thought it would be cool, but the price was steep. It was almost fifty dollars a person. I had to talk Mom out of it, though. The exhibit would be neat to see, but we really do not have that kind of money right now.

I slept in the big guest bed every night, and I stretched out, slept deeply, and enjoyed it very much. Thursday morning, after sleeping so well, I made omelets for breakfast, and then during the day, I made blueberry and goat cheese muffins and honey-peanut butter cookies.

Oh my goodness, the food was so delicious, and I was so happy to cook!

I began reading Pygmy, and later, Mom and I watched Mamma Mia. Both of us have seen it before, but Mom wanted to watch it again. I think I might buy her a copy for Christmas.

Friday, Mom found out that they were playing Away We Go at the Keystone Arts Cinema, and I really wanted to see it, so we went. I thought it was a cute movie, and I think it is awesome that John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph were leads, since audiences do not really get to see them in lead roles often.

After dinner on Friday, Mom and I walked to Dairy Queen and got Tagalong Blizzards. There is really no denying that I have a terrible sweet tooth and I get that from both sides of my family… Anyway, I saw Kyle working there. I have not seen him in a while and gave him a hug. He is a senior in high school now, and I think that’s weird because when I was in high school, he was my ‘special freshman.’ It makes me feel old.

We walked back home, and I was going to watch Marley and Me, but the disc was not working, so I watched our copy of The Big Chill instead. I have never seen it before, but we have owned it on VHS for at least as long as I have been alive.

Saturday, I watched The Darjeeling Limited and measured yarn I recycled from a three-dollar Goodwill Sweater. I got about 1,000 yards from it!

I also did some laundry, finished reading Pygmy, and decided it was not really one of my favorite Palahniuk books. I prefer Choke, Haunted, and Invisible Monsters.

Mom and I went to the theatre again and saw Public Enemies. While we were waiting in line for tickets, the girl in front of me turned around and started screaming with joy. It was my Jennifer! I was excited to see her, and she was going to go see Public Enemies too (she’s a huge Johnny Depp fan) with her parents. We were lucky enough to find five seats together, so we sat together for the film, and while waiting, Jennifer and I caught up on what we have been doing, and gossip, and such. It made me happy.

Since it rained quite steadily for most of the day, there were no fireworks for the Fourth of July. Mom and I went to Anderson to see a show, but the only displays we saw were created by the locals. We went home and watched the crappy horror films Waxwork and Waxwork II – which has Bruce Campbell, David Carradine, and Marina Sirtis! –  and ate vanilla ice cream with blueberries and bananas.

Most of Sunday was spent packing and playing Phoenix Wright. I went back to Muncie, dropped my stuff at the house and said hello for a minute, and then I went to Alex’s room. I began reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while he worked on his Warhammer stuff for a bit. We watched about half of Days of Thunder before losing interest. People were shooting fireworks off outside in various places, so we turned off the lights and watched fireworks from his window.

Then we went to bed, and I really, truly, wish I did not have to get up this morning to go to work at 7:00, but I suppose I have been spoiled enough with four lovely days off work…