I have been busy this past week or so. Last week, the weekly poker game was at our house and I worked a double shift (wrote about that here). Anyway, that went well. It was nice to see people, though I was shy.

Sarah and Thom came to Muncie on Thursday (when I picked up another short shift), and they brought Leigh and Nick with them. Alex, James, and I met up with them, and we went to an arcade and I played a lot of Skeeball and Leigh and I got plastic brontosauruses and she named hers Perry and I named mine Walter. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and had tasty, spicy, wings and saw a lot of birds camping out on the sign outside the restaurant. Then we just hung around the house for a while, and around 11:30, Lemmy, Dom, Matt, Sarah, Thom, Leigh, Nick, and I went to the playground and played tag. I shimmied up inside one of the wooden spires while Matt was ‘it’ and then Tom wanted to hide there, but he popped up between my legs and I was scared and screamed and kicked him by accident.

Saturday, Caitie came up to visit. We went to the mall and I bought a tank top, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, and The Time Traveler’s Wife. We met her friend David at Starbucks, and it was interesting to see him again. He’s actually the reason why Caitie and I met, though I hardly know him. We went to his house for a while and he burnt Caitie a CD of Elvis Costello, and then we had to go.

Alex came back from visiting his family, and I was surprised to see him. I don’t remember all of what we did, but I know we went to Meijer. We also probably ate ice cream (We’re really digging Häagen-Dazs’s Five ice cream) and watched either Stargate SG-1 or The Tudors.

Teddy called on Tuesday and said he was coming to visit. He wanted to know from Lemmy if he could stay at the house. The guys played Shadowrun, and though I missed most of the session, the ending was pretty entertaining.

I had to take the Praxis I exam on Thursday, so I studied for at least two hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the late afternoon. I stayed with Alex on Wednesday night so that I would be guaranteed a good night’s rest for the next day. I think the exam went all right. I’m just glad it’s over, and I hope I won’t have to retake it. It’s a $130 test – ouch.

I spent the rest of Thursday relaxing. I called Jennifer since I hadn’t talked to her in a while, and then I called my mom. After that, I lounged on an old quilt in the Quad and read The Bell Jar (as written about here).

Friday, I worked as usual, but now I got a brand new shiny name badge! Yeah, I know it’s dorky, but it makes me feel a little important. I also think it’s pretty funny. I’ve been working in Educational Resources for eight months now, and I finally know that one of the girls who work in Music Collections is named Emily. She never talked to me before until yesterday when she checked some items out. She seems pretty cool.

We got Gran Torino in, and since Alex and I have wanted to see it, I asked, “Can I call dibs on something that we just got? How do we call dibs? I call dibs!” So yeah, I put the call number on the DVD case and checked it out first. I was really excited. I’m such a nerd.

Teddy was waiting for me when I got off work. We were walking to Noodles & Company (and it was blistering hot), and there was a guy painting the fire hydrant yellow who said hello to me… by name. It took me a minute to figure out who it was, but it was this guy, Grant, who was in my class at Pendleton. It was one of those crazy random happenstances, but it was good to talk to him for a few minutes before the bus to Northwest Plaza showed up and Teddy and I hopped on it to go the rest of the way to Noodles & Company. Lunch was delicious. Oh my goodness, so tasty. I happened to be wearing my Army of Darkness shirt again, and the cashier said he loved my shirt and it made me happy. Most of all, it was good to see Teddy again.

We enjoyed lunch, and then went down to the Wizard’s Keep for a while, where Alex met us. We went to the house and hung out, watched Army of Darkness, Alex and I got bored, walked to the gas station to get tea (where the clerk said he thought my shirt was cool, but he didn’t know what Army of Darkness was), and walked back.

Teddy, Lemmy, and I went to Fazoli’s for dinner, even though I know I shouldn’t be spending so much money on food when I have plenty to eat, but I figured I only get to see Teddy once in a blue moon when we’re out of school, so it was okay.

Teddy, Lemmy, and Pete had a Nerf gun fight when we got back, and Alex and I sat out on the porch for a while, talking about trees, Pokémon, and other things. Teddy started playing Fable, and we were all just sitting around, and I started to get tired, and I guess I fell asleep around 10:30 on Alex’s shoulder. He woke me up when he wanted to leave. I asked him if I snored, he said no, but I did drool a little on his sleeve and I felt bad about that.

I went to bed immediately after that, and I slept heavily, completely unaware of the world.

I went to work this morning. I was five minutes late, but that’s okay because I only sat down for maybe twenty minutes during my four-hour shift.

I was cleaning some of the computer desks, and there was a guy at one of the computers. I don’t know how my eyes saw it (I swear, I don’t usually glance over patron’s shoulders), but I thought I saw something inappropriate. I kept cleaning, and all the while I was thinking, “That was porn. Oh my goodness, there is porn on the computer and what do I do and I should tell Abdalla and what do we do?”

Well, I didn’t have to bring it up. Abdalla did first. I brought down the DVDs from the drop and he asked me to go over to the man and see if he was looking at dirty things. I called him to the back as I was discharging items and told him what I saw. The man eventually left, though, so that was nice. I just think it is really awkward and it is (of course) inappropriate to view in a public place.

Teddy was at the library when I got out of work. I was originally just going to walk down to the Wizard’s Keep with him so he could watch Alex, Lemmy, Pete, Matt, and all the other guys play Warhammer, but then he bought me lunch at the MT Cup, and it was really nice. I left him at the Keep, and then I went back to the house, where I began watching more episodes of the third season of Arrested Development on Hulu. I really liked being all alone. But then Dom and Adam came back from the wedding they went to and were shortly followed by Lemmy, Teddy, and Matt. And even though I like all these guys and they’re a lot of fun, I needed a little time to myself.

I left, and as I walked along, listening to Garbage, I admired a set of lilies they planted by the parking garage at the student center. There are lilies all over campus, of all sorts of colors, be they orange, yellow, pink, or red. I love lilies, they’re my favorite flower. Alex gave me a bouquet of lilies on our first date, and I had only briefly mentioned it, and I couldn’t believe he remembered, and I started crying in the dinky women’s bathroom as Caitie tried to fix the straps on my little black dress so that my bra wouldn’t be visible.

Anyway, I stood in front of a spray of orange lilies and touched one. I wanted to pluck it and put it in my hair. I felt the waxy stem with my fingers, and was near to bending the stem so I could break it, when I decided against it. They were too pretty just to break off and let them die. I kept walking, and ended up in the only other place I knew where to go. The library.

Tehilah made fun of me when I came back to check out season three of Arrested Development (just trying to cover my bases – I’m almost done with it!), but she knows why I come back. I’m now sitting on one of the (ungodly slow) desktops on the fourth floor, and the desk and mouse are sticky with what looks like spilled cherry Kool-Aid.

People are disgusting.