Ah, another week. A week of  Nerf gun fights, getting my power cord back, reading, knitting, and watching the second season of Arrested Development and 27 Dresses (I’m a sucker for cheesy romance movies sometimes,  and I hate it.).

This has also been a week of breaking my baby toe, being so tired I couldn’t see straight, unwanted houseguests, and because of the combination of those two, screwing up my knitting and not knowing what to do about it, especially since I was so close to the end.

This has also been a week of work. Work, work, work. I am actually at work right now. I love my job, Even though I already worked a five-hour shift today, I don’t mind being here for another four-hour shift.  Actually, I feel like I live here. I wish I could have a cot in the back and just make it my home. I remember reading a book in about third grade about kids getting locked into a library for a night. I always wanted that to happen. That, and a freak snowstorm where we all had to spend the night at school. I don’t know, maybe I was a weird kid – but I got my weird ideas from books, and I am proud of that!

So yeah. I picked up this extra shift, and I picked up one for next Thursday, too – which is normally one of my only days off. I need the money, though, and it keeps me busy.

In the four hours between shifts, I went back to the house, Alex called me, I wasn’t really hungry but wanted coffee because I was tired, so we met at the MT Cup. Then, I decided after all that it would be foolish for me to buy coffee and/or lunch/dinner because I want to try saving money, even though Alex said he would buy me coffee. Instead, we decided on doing a somewhat traditional activity for us – Cats and Custard. We were supposed to do it a few weeks ago, but things have been a bit off lately. We went to Petsmart to look at the cats, and there was this tiny kitten that mewed when we came up to it and it was so CUTE and I wanted it, and there was a cat with no tail named “Stubby” and I was like, “I want it! I want a cat!” even though I can’t have one right now… and then we walked over to Ritter’s for frozen custard. Even though it makes me a little sad (because I can’t have the cats), I love Cats and Custard. It was such a nice treat today.

Then we came back and took a nap until I had to go back to the house and eat a light, early dinner before I came back to my home away from home.

I still love this job, though.