I have Thursdays off of work (currently), and I needed a little break, so I went back to Pendleton last night. Most times when I am in Pendleton, I don’t really go anywhere or do anything or see anyone, and you know, it really isn’t that bad.

Mom and I watched some episodes of Arrested Development and Harper’s Island (I love that show, it’s so dark and yet, just like a dollar store murder mystery paperback!) and I did three loads of laundry. I made lasagna to take back to Muncie – that will be dinner for a few nights. Mom and I also ate homemade strawberry shortcake and went to the June Jamboree. I haven’t been to the June Jamboree in years, but we had roasted sweet corn and burgers made by the Kiwanis Club – so tasty!

The best part about the June Jamboree, though, was that I saw my former English teacher, Ms. Douglas. She is so great, and she is an inspiration to me. I want to be as wonderful for my students as she is for hers. I haven’t seen her since October 2007 when I observed one of her class sessions, so seeing her (though it was short) made my day. I miss her.

Even though I don’t like a lot of things associated with my hometown, being there for a night reminded me of all the good things I miss.

I miss my mom most of all. I never used to be homesick, even when I would go visit my dad and family for months during the summer. I didn’t really miss Pendleton or Muncie that much last year when I visited them, but I missed Alex horribly. But I guess I do have some sense of homesickness currently, and last night did just the trick.

Now I’m back in Muncie. I have to work tomorrow, and then I’m going to have lunch with Mike somewhere. Everything’s going well except that I left my laptop power cord in Pendleton, and I will have to find another way to keep my laptop going until Tuesday…